Since 1974 a creative and efficient global niche player in the field of medical publishing

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Since its foundation in 1974, Kugler Publications prides itself on being a small but creative and efficient global niche player in the field of medical publishing. With traditional strongholds in Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology, Kugler Publications has built a solid reputation, not only for the quality of its books and journals but also for the international congresses it used to organize on special topics in Laser Surgery Ophthalmology. Furthermore, Kugler Publications has years of experience in producing program and abstract books for congress organizers. Ensuring a high quality publication for both the contents as the appearance produced in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Simon Bakker

The titles published by Kugler Publications, bringing together the world's foremost authorities and providing an optimal medium for the transfer of intellectual ideas, are generally acknowledged as being state-of-the-art. Our mission is to produce peer quality publications in the field of Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, and related fields for an international audience. By doing so we aim to facilitate effective and efficient communication between scientists all over the world.

Simon Bakker, Managing Director.
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Recent Publication

Ontogenies of Otology

Ontogenies of Otology

written by: R.J. Ruben


WGA Consensus 11 Current Developments in Glaucoma Surgery and MIGS

International Glaucoma Review


Kugler Publications is the producer of IGR since 1999.
International Glaucoma Review is the Journal of the World Glaucoma Association (WGA), with Robert N. Weinreb as driving force and chief editor.

Please contact the WGA executive office for advertising, and related issues.

Mailing address changes can be communicated through info@e-igr.com.

More information about IGR can be found here: www.e-igr.com.

Your special attention for:
Advanced Caucasian and Mediterranean Rhinoplasty

Advanced Caucasian and Mediterranean Rhinoplasty

Advanced Caucasian and Mediterranean Rhinoplasty
written by: P.J.F.M Lohuis
Price: € 225.00 / US $ 303.75

"I know of no other book that considers and describes in such exceptional detail about topics such as the rhinoplasty learning curve, the Utrecht questionnaire, and special problems. When I reviewed the references, I can see that the author has done an extensive amount of reading and collated a tremendous amount of valuable information into the book. It has been clearly, concisely and beautifully presented, not just in the form of the photographs, diagrams and graphics, but in its intellectual integrity and clarity. It is one of the most valuable rhinoplasty textbooks that I have had the privilege to read."

Peter A. Adamson, MD, FRCSC, FACS

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  • Rhinoplasty 1

    Advanced Caucasian and Mediterranean Rhinoplasty

  • Rhinoplasty 2

    Numerous full color illustrations and drawings.

  • Rhinoplasty 3

    Advanced Caucasian and Mediterranean Rhinoplasty

  • Rhinoplasty 4

    Price: € 225.00 / US $ 303.75


We offer our publication services to organizers of meetings throughout the world, as well as to individual scientists. We are always interested in hearing about plans for the publication of new books and journals from editors or authors with whom we already cooperate, as well as from those with whom we have not yet had the pleasure of working. So if you have an idea please send us the information by e-mail or contact us directly at meetings.

Simon Kugler

Even today the spirit of the founder of the company, Simon Kugler (1926-1992), is still very much present. The past managing director, Peter Bakker, had the pleasure of working with him since the founding of the company. First as an advisor, and later on as a publisher. The current managing director, Simon Bakker, still vividly remembers working at Kugler Publications during school holidays.

We aim to keep his warm personal touch, and his way of doing business based on trust, friendship and long lasting relations incorporated into our everyday company culture.


Drop by our booth at the following congresses/meetings/courses, to see, feel, sometimes hear and get a taste of our publications. We often have special offers or package deals. We are also interested in discussing possible new projects.

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