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WGA Consensus Series 2

Glaucoma Surgery

Open Angle Glaucoma

edited by: R.N. Weinreb & J.G. Crowston

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Publication details: Book. 2005. xiv and 140 pages. Publication date: 2005-07-01. 9 tables and 2 figures, of which 1 in full color Hardbound. 16x24 cm (6.3x9.4 in).

ISBN: 978-90-6299-203-4 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-203-X; Kugler Publications)
This publication is part of the WGA Consensus series
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This is the second Consensus Book published by the AIGS. It provides valuable guidelines for surgical management and has highlighted areas where scientific evidence at present is lacking.

Recently, there has been considerable interest in new surgical treatments for open angle glaucoma and some have rapidly gained acceptance in clinical practice. Although some of these modalities are promising, one should always keep in mind that it is essential to appraise all new surgical treatments with similar rigo to that demanded of new medical treatments. This consensus in glaucoma surgery for open angle glaucoma provides valuable guidelines for surgical management and has highlighted areas where scientific evidence at present is lacking. The availability of data from well-designed and carefully conducted surgical studies in glaucoma will further shape our practice.

Reports for this consensus meeting have been prepared and discussed by a Consensus Faculty that consists of ninety leading authorities in Glaucoma Surgery, and each report was discussed extensively during the Consensus Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA on April 30, 2005. This book is the result of these careful preparations.

Robert N. Weinreb
Erik L. Greve

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface, Robert N. Weinreb and Erik L. Greve

Outcome measures for studies of glaucoma surgery, Paul Palmberg

Indications for glaucoma surgery, Robert Fechtner, Roger Hitchings

Argon Laser trabeculoplasty, Robert Ritch and Don Minckler

Wound Healing, Jonathan G. Crowston, Mark B Sherwood, Peng T. Khaw

Trabeculectomy, Jeffrey M. Liebmann, Joshua Kim

Combined cataract/trabeculectomy, George A. Cioffi, David S. Friedman, Norbert Pfeiffer

Aqueous shunting procedures with glaucoma drainage devices, Anne L. Coleman, Kuldev Singh

Comparison of trabeculectomy with aqeous shunting procedures with glaucoma drainage devices, Felipe A. Medeiros, Dale K. Heuer

Non-penetrating glaucoma drainage surgery, Roberto G. Carassa, Ivan Goldberg

Comparison of trabeculectomy with non-penetrating glaucoma drainage surgery in open-angle glaucoma, Franz Grehn

Cyclodestruction, Henry D. Jampel, Antony P. Wells and Neeru Gupta

Comparison of Cyclophotocoagulation and aqueous shunting procedures with glaucoma drainage devices, Kuldev Singh

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