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The History of Ophthalmology volume 4

Renaissance of Ophthalmology in the Eighteenth Century (2)

written by: J. Hirschberg
translated by: F.C. Blodi

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Publication details: Book. 1984. xi and 350 pages. Publication date: 1984.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-434-2 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-434-2; Wayenborgh Publishing)
This publication is part of the Jules Hirschberg - History of Ophthalmology series
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Table of Contents

Condensed Table of Contents


Heister (1686-1758)

Johann Andreas Eisenbarth

Lorenz Heister (1683-1758)

L. Heister is the founder of scientific surgery in Germany.

Burkard David Mauchart (1696-1751)

Mauchart's publications

Survey on further observations on the senile arcus

History and literature of the artificial eye

Monographs on the Artificial Eye

The other représentatives of the University of Tübingen

Georg Friedrich Sigwart


A thesis from the Karls-School

The University of Wittenberg

Abrahami Vater

J. Christiani Heinicke

The University of Leipzig

Johann Zacharias Platner (1694-1747)

The theory and cure of lacrimal fistules have elicited more controversies than any other ocular disease

Chr. Gottlieb Ludwig (1709-1773)

Justus Gottfried Günz (1706-1769)

Samuel Theodor Quelmalz

Jung-Stilling (1740-1817)

Johann Friedrich Lobstein

The University of Göttingen

August Gottlieb Richter (1742-1812)

A. G. Richter's publications

Richter's "Abhandlung von der Ausziehung des grauen Stars"

A correction to the history of the cataract extraction

Justus Arnemann (1763-1806)

The Prussian Universities

Johann Caspar Hellmann (1736-1793)

Joachim Friedrich Henckel (1712-1779)

Johann Leberecht Schmucker(1712-1786)

History of superstition about millipedes

Marcus Elleser Bloch (1723-1799)

Short history of the iris coloboma

Johann Christian Anton Theden (1717-1797)

Christian Ludwig Mursinna (1744-1823)

Georg Leberecht Andreas Helling (1763-1840)

Johann Gottlieb Bernstein (1747-1835)

German textbooks of ophthalmology of the 18th century

Valentin Kräutermann

Joseph Jacob Plenck

Chr.Fried. Benedikt Ettmüller (1773-1848)

The German ophthalmic theses of the 18th century

The Scandinavian countries and Russia


Georg Heuermann (1723-1768)


Johan Gustaf Wahlbom (1724-1807)

Olof Acrel (1717-1806)

Johan Lorens Odhelius (1737-1816)


Joseph Jakob von Mohrenheim


The Early History of Ophthalmology in the Netherlands

Peter Foreest (1522-1579)

Rembert Dodoens (1517-1585)

Volcher Colter (1534-1590)

Nicolas Tulp (1493-1674)

Hermann Boerhaave (1668-1738)

Musca, Scotoma

Thomas Willis (1622-1676)

Petrus Camper (1722-1789)

Abraham Tipsing

Johan Peter Rathlauw

Gerhard Ten Haaf (1720-1791)

Gerrit Jan van Wy (1748-1810)

At the beginning of the 18th century Switzerland claimed to have invented the cataract extraction

The Itinerant Ocular Surgeons

John Taylor, Survey of the Literature

Taylor's autobiography

Taylor's life and work

Taylor as an actor does not deserve any praise from posterity

Taylor and the invention of the strabismus operation...

During the second part of the 18th century itinerant surgeons performing a cataract extraction replaced the old itinerant quacks who practiced couching

Wenzel Michael Baron von

Not much is known about the itinerant Italian oculist Casaamata

The new canon of ophthalmology at the beginning of the 19th century

Joseph Beer

There is no doubt that no other book on ophthalmology of the 18th century comes even close to Beer's contributions.

Précis théorétique et pratique sur les maladies des yeux by A. Demours

A synopsis of the diseases of the eye and their treatment, to which are prefixed a short anatomical description and a sketch of the physiology of that organ. By Benjamin Travers

Saggio di osservazioni a d'esperienze sulle principale malattie degli occhi di Antonio Scarpa

Review and Comparison of the New Canon with the Old one.

The Basic sciences in the eighteenth century

Physical optics

Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727)

Christian Huygens

Pierre Bouguer

Johann Heinrich Lambert

Physiologic Optics

Old Publications and Contributions on Ocular Hygiene

Visual Physiology (Part one)

Christian Huygens

John Locke (1632-1704)

Philippe de la Hire

Johann Ott

Henry Pemberton

James Jurin

William Porterfield

Albrecht von Haller

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