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The History of Ophthalmology volume 7

First Half of the Nineteenth Century (3): France

written by: J. Hirschberg
translated by: F.C. Blodi

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Publication details: Book. 1986. xi and 344 pages. Publication date: 1986.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-437-3 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-437-7; Wayenborgh Publishing)
This publication is part of the Jules Hirschberg - History of Ophthalmology series
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Table of Contents

Condensed Table of Contents

Introduction and review

Photinos Panas

Literature to § 549

First Period

Alexis Boyer

Philibert-Joseph Roux

Guillaume Dupuytren

François Delarue

Jean-François Jaques Roussille de Chamseru


Buccaneer surgeons

Louis François Gondret

Theophile Drouot

John Williams


Friedrich August von Ammon

The Second Period

The German Influence

Sichel initiated the renaissance of French ophthalmology

Julius Sichel

Bibliography of Sichel's ophthalmologic publications

Sichel's monograph about glaucoma

The opération of the Keratoconus [Sichel]

Graefe's procédure

History of the Cortical Cataract

The eye patch

The History of Eye Bandages

Synchisis scintillans

The cataract operation[By Sichel]

Refractive Errors

Sichel's Iconographie 0phthalmologique

The Influence of the Italian School

Charles Joseph Carrondu Villards

Carron's Ophthalmologic Publications

Salvatore Furnari

Francesco Rognetta

Ophthalmologists influenced by the German and Italian immigrants

August Bérard, Jr

François Louis Tavignot

Louis-Joseph Sanson, Sr.

Paul Louis Caffe

Ophthalmic Publications by Dr. Caffe

Pierre Alexandre-Charles Magne

Independent French Ophthalmologists

Jules-Germain Cloquet

Charles-Marie-Edouard Chassaignac

Opponents of Specialization

Alfred-Armand-Louis-Marie Velpeau

The ophthalmias [Velpeau]

Minor publications by Velpeau

Specialization and general medicine (Velpeau)

Josef François Malgaigne

August Théodore Vidal de Cassis

Other Parisian surgeons practicing ophthalmology .

Stanilas Laugier

Pierre Nicolas Gerdy

Antoine Joseph Jobert de Lamballe

Jules Guérin

Philippe Ricord

Monographs about the "veneral" diseases of the visual system

The Later ophthalmologists of that Period

Charles Deval

Victor Felix Szokalski

Louis Auguste Desmarres

Desmarres publications

Desmarres textbook

The History of Scleritis

The sons of Julius Sichel and of Louis Auguste Desmarres

August Nélaton

The Provinces


G. M. Mirault d'Angers

History of Keratitis


François Lucian Gaillard


The history of the medical school of Nantes

Ange Guépin

The History of hairrope (setoning)

The reform in ocular therapy: the mercurial medications


Hégésippe Duval


At the beginning of the 19th century the extraction was in Lyon preferred over the couching

Friedrich Montain

Joseph Gensoul

J. N. P. Nichet

Amédée Bonnet

Joseph Eléonor Pétrequin

Traité d'anatomie médico-chirgurgicale et topographique

Pétrequin's publications

The cataract opération et the Hôtel Dieu in Lyon 1800-1850

François-Marguérite Barrier

The cataract opération in Lyon

Louis Rivaud-Landrau

The History on statistics about the success rates of the cataract opération

Further publications by Rivaud-Landrau


Victor Stoeber


The first site of a university in Lorraine was Pont-à-Mousson


Jacques Delpech

Claude François Lallemand

Antoine Dugès

Michel Serre

Alexis Jacques Alquié

étienne Frédéric Bouisson

The dawn of a new time

Amédée Hippolyte Pierre Courty

Alphonse Jaumes

Serre d'Uzes

The family Pamard

Jean Baptiste Antoine Pamard

Paul Antoine Marie Pamard

Alfred Pamard

Paul Pamard

Amable Cade

The University of Bordeaux

Joseph Bacqué

J. B. Paulin Guérin

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