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The History of Ophthalmology volume 8 - b

First Half of the Nineteenth Century (5): Great Britain [B]

written by: J. Hirschberg
translated by: F.C. Blodi

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Publication details: Book. 1988. x and 323 pages. Publication date: 1988.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-438-0 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-438-5; Wayenborgh Publishing)
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Jules Hirschberg - History of Ophthalmology series volume(s) 8 - a This publication is part of the Jules Hirschberg - History of Ophthalmology series
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Table of Contents

Condensed Table of Contents

Foreword by the Translator


General Survey

John Cunningham Saunders


Universities, Medical Schools, Hospitals and Examinations

Literature to§626

The Independent London Ophthalmologists



The history of paracentesis

JohnVetch (1783-1835)

The English publications about purulentophthalmia

The dominance of the lancet for bloodletting and its fall in Great Britain

William Adams (1783-1823)

Sir William Adams and the Egyptian ophthalmia

Other publications by Sir William Adams

John Stevenson (1778-1846)

The Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital, Moorfields

John Cunningham Saunders (1773-1810)

The history of needling a cataract (discission)

BenjaminTravers (1783-1858)

WilliamLawrence (1783-1867)

Further bibliography on venereal eye diseases

FrederickTyrrell (1797-1843)

The history of conjunctival incisions against chemosis

John Scott (1798-1846)

Gilbert W. Mackmurdo

John Dalrymple (1804-1852)

James Dixon (1814-1896)

George Critchett (1817-1882)

G.Critchett publications

The Rise and Fall of Iridodesis

History of Linear Extraction

The History of the Lid Speculum

List of G. Critchett's publications

WilliamBowman (1816-1892)

William Bowman's ophthalmic publications

J.G. Critchett's and W. Bowman's Colleagues and immediate Successors


Jonathan Hutchinson's Ophthalmic Publications


Edward Nettleship's Ophthalmologic Publications

Robert Marcus Gunn (1850-1909)

The Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital

Monographs on Eye Surgery

Charles Gardiner Guthrie (1817-1859)

The Introduction of the Strabismus Operation in England

Henry Hancock (1809-1880)

Jabez Hogg (1819-1898)

Henry Power (1829-1910)

The Central London Ophthalmic Hospital

List of Surgeons

H.Haynes Walton (1816-1889)

A. S. Smee

Robert Taylor

W. Spencer Watson (1836-1906)

The Royal Eye Hospital ,London

J. Zachariah Laurence (1830-1874)

Malcolm MacDonald MacHardy (1852-1913)

Western Ophthalmic Hospital

Medical Staff as of 1870

The Eye Departments of General Hospitals in London

List of Ophthalmologists in Guy's Hospital as of 1800

John Morgan (1797-1847)

John Frederick France (1818-1900)

Charles Bader (1825-1899)

St.Thomas Hospital

St.Bartholomew's Hospital

Charing Cross Hospital

St.George's Hospital

Robert Brudenell Carter

University College Hospital

Thomas Wharton Jones

King's College Hospital

London Hospital

John Hughlings Jackson (1834-1911)

St. Mary's Hospital

William White Cooper (1816-1886)

Monographs About Ocular Injuries

Ernest Hart (1836-1898)

Middlesex Hospital

The Hospital for Sick Children

Great Northern Central Hospital

German Hospital

West Ham and Eastern General Hospital

Report on Metropolitan Ophthalmic Schools

The West of England Eye Infirmary


Benjamin Gibson (1774-1812)

Manchester's Hospital and Eye Institute

John Walker

John Windsor (1787-1868)

Thomas Windsor (1841-1910)

David Little (1840-1902)

Adolf Samelson (1817-1888)


The Glasgow Eye Infirmary

List of the surgeons at the Glasgow Eye Infirmary

William Mackenzie (1791-1868)

W. Mackenzie's ophthalmologic publications


Publications in journals


Mackenzie's textbook

The History of Sympathetic Ophthalmia

Literature to the history of Sympathetic Ophthalmia

Monographs About Sympathetic Ophthalmia,

Basis Publications and Extensive Descriptions

Mackenzie's collaborators and successors

George Cunningham Montheath (1788-1828)

Harry Rainy (1792-1876)

George Rainy (1832-1869)

William Nimmo

Andrew Anderson

John Wood and Hugh Kennedy

Thomas Reid, M. D., L. L. D. (1830-1911)

J. R. Wolfe



The Birmingham and Midland Eye Hospital

Queen's Hospital

The Birmingham General Hospital

The physiciens of the Birmingham and Midland Hospital

Joseph Hodgson (1788-1869)

Richard Middlemore (1803-1891)

The scientific contributions of Richard Middlemore

A treatise on the diseases of the eye and its appendages

On the treatment of certain injuries of the eye, occurring in infants and young persons

Middlemore's successor

Vose Solomon (1817-1899)




The Bristol Eye Hospital

The Bristol Eye Dispensary

Bristol General Hospital

Bristol Royal Infirmary

John Bishop Estlin (1786-1855)

Augustin Prichard (1818-1898)


The Liverpool Institution for Curing Diseasesof the Eye

The Liverpool Ophthalmic lnfirmary

Liverpool Royal Infirmary

St. Paul's Eye Hospital

Thomas Shadford Walker (1834-1885)

George Edward Walker (1840-1909)


The Northumberland and Durham Eye Infirmary

The Royal Victoria Infirmary

Thomas Michael Greenhow (1791-1881)

John Fife (1795-1871)


The General Infirmary

The Leeds Eye and Ear Infirmary

William Hey (1736-1819)

Samuel Smith (1790-1867)

Thomas Pridgin Teale, Sr. (1801-1868)

Thomas Pridgin Teste, Jr

Thomas Nunnely (1809-1870)

Oxford and Cambridge

The Oxford Eye Hospital and University


Ophthalmology in the Edinburgh

Royal Infirmary and University


William Walker


D. Argyll Robertson

George A. Berry

George Mackay

W. G. Sym

J. V. Paterson

A. H. Sinclair

H. M. Traquair

Eye, Ear and Throat Infirmary


James Wardrop (1781-1889)

John Wishart (1781-1834)

John Argyll Robertson

Alexander Watson (1799-1879)

Thomas Shortt

Robert Hamilton

Wil liam Walker (1814-1884)

Douglas Argyll Robertson (1837- 1909)


The Royal Victora Eye and Ear Hospital

Mater Misericordiae Hospital

The Richmond Hospital

St. Michael Hospital

Philip Crampton (1777-1858)

Hugh Michael Carmichael (1790-1872)

O'Ferral (1798-1868)

ArthurJacob (1790-1874)

Arthur Jacob's ophthalmic publication

William Robert Wills Wilde (1815-1876)

Sir Henry R. Swanzy (1844-1913)

A List of eye institutes and departments in England, Ireland and Scotland

Charles Bell Taylor (1829-1909)

Simeon Snell (1851-1909)

The Colonies and Territories of Great Britain -



South Africa


Prosper Albinus




The Universities


Antonio Scarpa (1752-1832)

Antonio Scarpa's textbook of ophthalmology

Scarpas pupils

Paolo Assalini (1759-1840)

Carlo Giuseppe Annibale Omodei (1779-1840)

Antonio M. T. Savares

Pietro Florio

Bartolomeo Panizza (1785-1867)

Carlo Donegana (1776-1828)

Tommaso Volpi (1761-1822)

Francesco Flarer (1791-1859)

Giulo Flarer (1830-1871)

Antonio Quaglino (1817-1894)


Cesare Ruggieri (1768-1828)

Guiseppe Torresini

Michelangelo Torresini

Gianantonio Gloppi (1819-1872)

Pietro Gradenigo (1831-1904)

Guiseppe Albertotti


Francesco Buzzi (1875-1805)

Giovanni Baratta

Luigi Marchetti (1807-1877)

Giovanni Rosmini (1832-1896)

Augusto Pierd'Houy (1854-1886)


Leovigildo Paolo Farlo (1810-1863)

Francesco Gosetti (1838-1909)


Giovanni Battista Cappelletti (1808-1872)


Alessandro Riberi (1794-1861)

Casimiro Sperino (1812-1894)

Carlo Reymond (1833-1911)

Giambattista Borelli


Riccardo Secondi (1832-1903)




Francesco Magni (1828-1887)


Cesare Paoli (1813-1901)

Felice Fontana (1720-1805)


Andrea Vaccà Berlinghieri (1772-1826)

Filipo Pacini (1812-1882)

Niccolà Manfredi



Francesco Businelli (1828-1908)

Giuseppe Ciriricione


Jacob Ravà (1837-191 1)


Gianbattista Quadri (1780-1851)

Alessandro Quadri (1827-1869)

Giuseppe Damiano Mogne (1803-1873)

Raffaele Castorani (1820-1887)

Domenico di Luca (1820-1887)

Michele del Monte (1838-1885)

Giuseppe Albini (1825?-1911)

Carlo De Vincentiis (1849-1904)

Arnaldo Angelucci

P. Sgrosso (1856-1900)


Salvatore Furnari

Giuseppe Arcoleo



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