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The History of Ophthalmology volume 11 - 1a

The Reform of Ophthalmology (1)

written by: J. Hirschberg
translated by: F.C. Blodi

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Publication details: Book. 1992. xi and 330 pages. Publication date: 1992.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-441-0 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-441-5; Wayenborgh Publishing)
This publication is part of the Jules Hirschberg - History of Ophthalmology series
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Hermann von Helmholtz


Anatomy of the visual system

Ernst Brücke (1819-1892)

Histology of the eye

The pathologic anatomy of the visual organ

The physiology of the visual organ

Goethe and the color theory

The natural philosophers

Seebeck and the history of color blindness

Johannes Evangelista Purkinje (1787-1869)

Purkinje's contribution to ophthalmology and visual physiology

Johannes Müller (1801-1858)

Publications by Johannes Müller concerning the physiology of the visual system

Alfred Wilhelm Volkmann (1800-1877)

Hermann von Helmholtz (1821-1894)

The publications by Helmholtz

The precursors of the ophthalmoscope

Further comments to the invention of the

Helmholtz' successors

Resistance against the ophthalmoscope

Acceptance by the practicing physiciens

The annual reviews

The introduction of the ophthalmoscope*

Bibliography of ophthalmoscopy

Ophthalmoscopic atlases

Atlas der Ophthalmoskopie, by Dr. Richard Liebreich

The development of ophthalmoscopic knowledge

Final observations on ophthalmoscopy

The ophthalmometer

Brief History of the Ophthalmometer


The "Handbuch der physiologischen Optik"

Frans Cornelis Donders (1818-1889)

Donders, the investigator, teacher and practitioner

Donders' main contribution: his book on the anomalies of accommodation and refraction

The new terminology introduced by Donders

The historical remarks

The history of Hypermetropia

The history of Myopia

The History of Astigmalism

The history of Mydriatics and Miotics;

History of Paresis of Accommodation

Bibliography of disturbances of refraction and accommodation

The ophthalmic publications by C.F. Donders

Albrecht von Graefe (1828-1870)



His Education

Years of travels

Graefe, the master of ophthalmology

The turning point in Graefe's scientific career

Graefe's private life

His relationship wilh the outside physiciens

The tragic end of Graefe's life

The Graefe Monument

Albrecht von Graefe was involved in the foundation of three institutes

A. v. Graefe's scientific work

Envy and Grudge

Among the choroidal diseases A. v. Graefe concerned himself especially with the so-called sclerotico-chorioiditis posterior

Errors of refraction and disturbances of ocular motility

Parasites and tumors

Contributions to therapy and surgery

The relationship of ocular diseases to pathologie changes in other organs and systemic diseases

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