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Meniere's Disease

Update 1999

edited by: O. Sterkers & E. Ferrary & R. Dauman & J.P. Sauvage & P. Tran Ba Huy

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Publication details: Book. 2000. xiii and 904 pages. Publication date: 2000-07-28. 284 figures and 138 tables. Hardbound.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-178-5 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-178-5; Kugler Publications)

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Table of Contents



The history and development of operations on the endolymphatic sac
M. Portmann

Vestibular neurotomy as a physiopathological model of vestibular compensation
J.M. Sterkers

Bicentenary of P. Menière

Prosper Menière, a precursor aurist
F. Legent

Prosper Menière, from the foreign point of view
O. Michel

Experimental endolymphatic hydrops

An update of our experiences on endolymphatic hydrops
R.S. Kimura

The role of hair cells in Menière's disease
H.-P. Zenner

The role of endolymph flow in homeostasis
A.N. Salt and J.E. DeMott

Hormonal regulation of the inner ear
A.M. Meyer zum Gottesberge

Homeostatic mechanisms of the inner ear fluids
H. Rask-Andersen A. Kinnefors, A. Salt, J.E. DeMott and R.-B. Illing

The role of Reissner's membrane in endolymph homeostasis
T.H. Yeh and S.Y. Lee

Ion transport system in epithelial cells of the endolymphatic sac
N. Mori, H. Furuta, H. Hoshikawa and T. Miyashita

The endolymphatic sac, an endocrine gland?
K. Qvortrup, J. Rostgaard, N.-H. Holstein-Rathlou and P. Bretlau

K + channels in mouse vestibular dark cells
M.T. Nicolas, D. Demêmes, A. Martin and J. Barhanin

Characteristics of Na + -H + exchanger of epithelial cells in the endolymphatic sac
N. Mori, H. Furuta and T. Miyashita

Dual effect of glycerol administration on glycoconjugates in the adult guinea pig inner ear
A.M. Meyer zum Gottesberge and J.K. Mai

Perilymphatic high potassium in hydrops affects electromotility of outer hair cells, I. Sziklai

Two-phase endolymphatic hydrops. A new dynamic model for Menière's disease
E.A. Dunnebier, J.M. Segenhout, J. Verheul, F. Dijk, H.P. Wit and F.W.J. Albers

Endolymphatic hydrops induced by chronic administration of vasopressin
T. Takeda, S. Takeda, A. Kakigi, M. Hamada, H. Kitano and M. Suzuki

Effects of antidiuretic hormones in the endolymphatic sac
H. Kumagami, H. Loewenheim, E. Beitz, K. Shigeno, T. Kobayashi, J. Schultz, H.-P. Zenner and J.P. Ruppersberg

Electrochemical composition of the luminal fluid and epithelial transports in the guinea pig endolymphatic sac
V. Couloigner, M. Teixeira, P. Hulin, A. Loiseau, G. Planelles, O. Sterkers and E. Ferrary

Aquaporins in the inner ear
A.M. Meyer zum Gottesberge, O. Schubert, V. Balz and S. Tsujikawa

Hyperpigmentation in hydropic specimens
A.M. Meyer zum Gottesberge

Expression of mRNA encoding amiloride-sensitive Na + channel in the endolymphatic sac of the rat
T. Miyashita, H. Furuta and N. Mori

Expression of NO synthase I, II, III, soluble guanylate cyclase and cGMP in experimentally induced endolymphatic hydrops in the guinea pig
O. Michel, A. Hess, W. Bloch, J. Su, K. Addicks and E. Stennert

New insights into glycerol in experimental endolymphatic hydrops
R. Filipo, M. Barbara, P. Mancini, A. Coletti, G. Attanasio and A. Modesti

Hearing preservation after partial labyrinthectomy
E.E. Smouha, L.L. Sobol
and N.B. Slepecky

Production of endolymphatic hydrops induced by direct infusion of monoclonal antibody against Type II collagen CB11 peptide
H. Matsuoka S.S. Kwon, Y. Yazawa and T.-J. Yoo

Audiovestibular and pressure investigations

Effects of middle ear pressure changes on the electrocochleographic recordings in patients with Menière's disease
B. Densert, S. Arlinger, E. Billemark, O. Densert, K. Sass and L. ödkvist

Electrocochleography and clinical staging
W.P.R. Gibson

Caloric testing face-up and face-down in Menière's disease
J.P. Sauvage, S. Puyraud and O. Roche

Simultaneous measurement of endo- and perilymphatic pressure in the guinea pig during fluid injection
H.P. Wit, E.O. Thalen and F.W.J. Albers

Otoacoustic emissions and Menière's disease
P. Avan, B. Büki, T. Mom and J. Chazal

Pathophysiological mechanisms of Menière's syndrome based on infrared oculography and histopathology
F.H. Linthicum Jr and J.E. Xenellis

Vestibular function in Menière patients
S. Vesterhauge, M. Katholm and P. Mikines

Vibration-induced nystagmus in Menière's disease
K.-F. Hamann

Vestibulo-cochlear response to glycerol in Menière's patients
M.A.H. El-Gohary, N.I. Kamal, A.M. El-Kahky and H.M. Taha

Effects of glycerol administration to vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials in patients with unilateral Menière's disease
T. Murofushi, M. Nakamura and K. Shimizu

Effects of proprioceptive disturbance during standing in Menière and other labyrinthine defective subjects
T. Kubo, K. Yamamoto, Y. Mamoto and M. Nishimura

Audiovestibular findings in the course of Menière's disease
A. Hahn

How do we use state-of-the-art vestibular testing to properly diagnose dizzy patients with complaints of disequilibrium?
W. Rubin

Low-frequency hearing loss in Menière's disease
X. Ge, J.J. Shea Jr and D.J. Orchik

Comparison of pre- and postoperative audiogram patterns in intractable Menière's disease
T.-S. Huang, C.-W. Hsu and W.-J. Hsu

Closure of the tympanic membrane after transtympanic electrocochleography
T.E. Mitchell, D.M. Baguley, D.J. McFerran and D.A. Moffat

Diagnosis of endolymphatic hydrops by low-frequency modulation
G. Scholz, D. Mrowinski, H. Hähnel and D. Anft

Otoacoustic emissions as acoustic cochleography in diagnosis of Menière's disease
B. Ceranic, D.K. Prasher and L.M. Luxon

Electrophysiological investigation of the olivocochlear bundle during vestibular neurotomy
A. Chays, L. Broder, H.P. Pelissier, S. Maison, L. Collet, J. Magnan and Y. Cazals

The effect of glycerol on the high-frequency audiometric threshold in hydropic patients
E. de Seta, G.A. Bertoli and R. Filipo

Vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials in patients with unilateral Menière's disease
T. Murofushi, M. Matsuzaki and K. Shimizu

Vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials in patients with bilateral Menière's disease
M. Matsuzaki and T. Murofushi

Vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials in patients with delayed endolymphatic hydrops
M. Ohki, M. Matsuzaki, K. Sugasawa and T. Murofushi

Non-invasive perilymphatic pressure measurement in patients with Menière's disease
D. Ayache, I. Plouin-Gaudon, P. Klap, M. Cohen, J. Vasseur and P. Elbaz

Static and dynamic posturography in Menière's disease
L. Pospiech, E. Przerwa-Tetmajer and W. Gawron

Retrospective investigations in Menière's disease. The diagnostic value of vestibular recruitment
L. Pospiech, K. Orendorz-Fraczkowska and W. Gawron

Clinical investigations

Regional differences in the prevalence of Menière's disease in Finland
J. Kotimäki, M. Sorri, E. Aantaa and J. Nuutinen

Endolymphatic hydrops and sensorineural hearing loss. A clinico-histological study
J. Xenellis, L. Manolopoulos, A. Tzagaroulakis and G. Adamopoulos

The significance of anamnesis in suspected Menière's disease in young children. Case presentation
A. Grzelak and H. Skarzynski

Management of Menière's disease in children
J.T. Rubinstein and N.M. Bauman

Clinical hints in patients suffering from Menière's disease
C.-T. Haid, O. Gerhardt, M. Grossmann and D. Nagel

Autonomic nervous system examination in patients with Menière's disease
M. Magnano, G. Bongioannini, G. Canale, S. Gabini, W. Lerda and G. Machetta

Vascular compression of the VIIIth nerve can cause Menière-like hearing loss
M.B. Moller

Menière's disease associated with dietary fluid overload. Analysis of 27 cases
R. Albera, M. Magnano, S. Gabini, P. Marcato, E. Tondolo and M. Orione

Precipitating factors in Menière's disease
D. Celestino

The mechanism which causes the vertigo in Menière's disease
W.P.R. Gibson and I.K. Arenberg

On the onset of the second ear in patients with bilateral Menière's disease
R. Naito, K. Ito, T. Murofushi and M. Mizuno

Tinnitus and morbus Menière
U. Kolbe, D. Brehmer, H. Schaaf, G. Hesse and A. Laubert

Menière's disease and the menstrual cycle
I. Watanabe, S. Imai, M. Ikeda and A. Ishida

Types of epithelial cell in the human endolymphatic sac
D. Tomasz, L. Bozydar and D. Marcin

A case of saccular endolymphatic hydrops
T. Seo, K. Yoshida, A. Shibano and M. Sakagam

The natural history of Menière's disease. A 28-year progress report
J.L. Pulec

Menière's disease in the elderly
R. Häusler, M. Ballester, P. Liard and D. Vibert

Introducing a multimedia program for general practitioners and patients with Menière's disease
S. Salanterä and E. Aantaa

Differential diagnosis between Menière's disease and perilymphatic fistula
Y.-H. Young, C.-H. Wu, C.-Y. Lin and Y. Noruma

Tinnitus in Menière's disease
E. Kentala and I. Pyykkö

Reactive psychogenic dizziness in Menière's disease
H. Schaaf, H. Holtmann, G. Hesse, N. Rienhoff, U. Kolbe, D. Brehmer and M. Nelting

Endolymphatic hydrops. An overview of etiologies
S. Dobler, S. Liwarek, B. Sauron, C. Mousset, D. Vaillant and S. Barrault

The patient's perspective
G. Osborne and N. Vine

Menière patients' organizations
J.M.M. Verbakel

b-Tubulin as an autoantigen for autoimmune inner ear disease
T.-J. Yoo, H. Tanaka, S.S. Kwon, M. Krug, Y. Yazawa, M. Suzuki and K. Kitajima

Proto-oncogene Raf-1 as an autoantigen in Menière's disease
K.-C. Cheng, K.M. Lee, S.S. Kwon, Y. Yazawa, H. Matsuoka, M. Mora and T.-J. Yoo

Effect of anticochlear antibodies on the evolution of rapidly progressive sensorineural hearing loss and Menière's disease
N. Deggouj, S. Ledeghen, C. Beguin, M. Cao, J.-P. Tomasi and M. Gersdorff

Allergy and Menière's disease
M.J. Derebery


Imaging of the fine structure of the inner ear using magnetic resonance microscopy
I. Koizuka, Y. Seo, M. Murakami and I. Kato

Three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging of the inner ear in patients with uni- and bilateral Menière's disease
D.J.M. Mateijsen, P.W.J. van Hengel, A.P. Krikke, W.M. van Huffelen, H.P. Wit and F.W.J. Albers

Investigation of the saccular function in Menière's disease patients
C. de Waele, J.P. Diard, R. Meguenni, G. Freyss, P.P. Vidal and P. Tran Ba Huy

Blood flow of the vertebrobasilar artery in vestibular disorders
T. Seo, S. Tominaga, A. Shibano and M. Sakagami

Medical and in-situ treatments

In situ therapy: from experimental results to clinical applications
R. Pujol and J.L. Puel

Effects of therapeutic middle ear pressure changes in patients with Menière's disease
L.M. ödkvist, S. Arlinger, E. Billermark, B. Densert, S. Lindholm and J. Wallqvist

Clinical results with the round window microcatheter and microdose gentamicin in the treatment of Menière's disease
M.E. Hoffer, R.D. Kopke, K.R. Gottshall, D.C. Wester, R. Jackson and M.J. O'Leary

Inner ear localization of medicines delivered via the round window microcatheter
K.A. Allen, M.E. Hoffer and D.C. Wester

A conservative approach to intratympanic gentamicin therapy. Preliminary results
H.A. Arts, S.A. Telian, H. El-Kashlan and C.A. Jones

Self-treatment of inner ear disease using otic medication delivered by the Silverstein MicroWick™
H. Silverstein

Intratympanic gentamicin instillation as treatment for unilateral Menière's disease
P. Genuardi, S. Ferrara, M. Tortorici, A. Modica and P. Ferrara

Transtympanal injections facilitate gentamicin treatment in Menière's disease
G. Lange

Low-dose streptomycin/dexamethasone perfusion for Menière's disease
J.J. Shea, Jr, X. Ge and D.J. Orchik

Vestibular function after microcatheter gentamicin compared to transtympanic dosing
R.D. Kopke, M.E. Hoffer, K.R. Gottshall, D.C. Wester, K. Allen, R. Jackson and M.J. O'Leary

Vestibular rehabilitation after low-dose microcatheter gentamicin treatment for Menière's disease
K.R. Gottshall, M.E. Hoffer, R.D. Kopke, D.C. Wester, K.A. Allen and M.J. O'Leary

Intratympanic streptomycin therapy for Menière's disease. Long-term follow-up
K. Shigeno, H. Kumagami and T. Kobayashi

Transtympanic gentamicin in Menière's disease and impact on quality of life
F. Comacchio, A. Chiappetta, E. Poletto and I. Cimino

The prescription of hearing aids in Menière patients
G. Hesse, H. Schaaf, U. Kolbe, D. Brehmer and R. Andres

Tinnitus retraining therapy in Menière's disease
J.J.T. Lai

Pressure chamber treatment of Menière's disease
K.-E. Karlmar L. Noaksson and L.M. ödkvist

Oxygen therapy in the immediate and long-term treatment of Menière's disease
B. Fattori, A. Casani, P.L. Ghilardi, G. Vannucci, A. Nacci and G. De Iaco

How do we use state-of-the-art techniques to treat the dizzy patient with dysequilibrium?
W. Rubin

Betahistine for Menière's disease. A systematic review
A.L. James and M.J. Burton

Fast vestibular compensation induced by levosulpiride in acute vertigo attacks
D. Zanetti, N. Civiero, M. Tonini and A.R. Antonelli

Indications for surgical and non-surgical treatment of vertigo in Menière's disease
F. Trabalzini, A. Natale and G. Babighian

Historical research into a treatment for Menière's. A pioneer makes the connection (Utermöhlen 1873-1962)
P.E.M. Vente, K. Mallows and V. Utermöhlen

Prism glasses alleviate vertigo in Menière's disease
P.E.M. Vente, J.E. Bos, M.P.M. ten Tusscher and G. De Wit

Small animal model for assessing vestibular function after gentamicin administration
 R. Jackson, R.D. Kopke, M.E. Hoffer, K. Allen, M. Rasmussen, C. Balaban, D.C. Wester and M.J. O'Leary

Intracochlear infusion through the round window membrane. Preliminary results
L. Chelikh, M. Teixeira, C. Martin, O. Sterkers and E. Ferrary

Intratympanic and systemic dexamethasone treatment of Menière's disease
T.P. Hirvonen, M. Peltomaa and J. Ylikoski

Streptomycin perfusion through the round window in patients with Menière's disease
W.K. Chung, W.-S. Lee, J.-P. Hong and S.C. Lee

Surgical treatments

VIIth and VIIIth cranial nerve monitoring in vestibular neurectomy
V. Colletti, F.G. Fiorino and G.Cumer

The long-term outcome of removal of the endolymphatic sac in Menière's disease
W.P.R. Gibson

The retrolabyrinthine approach in vestibular neurotomy
Ch. Martin, P. Bertholon and J.M. Prades

Vestibular neurotomy by the retrosigmoid approach
J. Magnan

Long-term hearing results after retrosigmoid vestibular neurotomy
J. Magnan, A. Chays, M. Bruzzo, L. Broder and P. Laurent

Outcomes research after posterior fossa vestibular neurectomy. A 20-year experience
S.I. Rosenberg, H. Silverstein, T.O. Hester and D. Deems

The touchstone in medical versus surgical treatment of Menière's disease
V. Colletti, F.G. Fiorino and G. Cumer

Sac expanding surgery for Menière's disease
M. Kitahara and E. Goto

Length of external opening of vestibular aqueduct and results of endolymphatic shunt for Menière's disease
J.J. Shea, Jr, X. Ge and D.J. Orchik

Surgical management of Menière's disease
P. Møller

Endolymphatic sac surgery assisted by videoendoscopy
P. Bordure C. Calais, L. Marinelli and F. Legent

Auditory findings after vestibular neurectomy for Menière's disease
G. Attanasio, M. Barbara, B. Mafera, S. Monini, A. Cordier and R. Filipo

Electrocochleographic findings after vestibular neurectomy for Menière's disease
 R. Filipo, G.A. Bertoli, A. Cordier, M. Barbara, E. de Seta, C. del Pero, L. Sabino and G. Attanasio

Retrosigmoid vestibular neurotomy: functional results. Clinical evaluation with otoneurological, physical medicine and orthoptic approaches
C. Parietti, J.-E. Bussienne, C. Knecht, R. Beurton and C. Simon

Results of vestibular neurotomy by the retrosigmoid approach
S. Dejardin, N. Deggouj, M. Decat, C. Gilain, S. Castelein and M. Gersdorff

Long-term evolution of subjective visual vertical tilt after vestibular neurectomy and labyrinthectomy
D. Vibert and R. Häusler

Evolution of vestibular symptoms after microvascular decompression
H.T. Van, B. Fraysse, O. Deguine, M. Simonetta-Moreau and M. Tremoulet

Sac shunt and ultrasound surgery versus gentamicin treatment in Menière's disease
M. Hillerdal, U. Friberg and A. Svedberg

Stapes surgery, coexisting Menière's disease and anomalous middle ear. Case report
J. Jero, E. Kentala and E. Hopsu

Results of saccotomy in the treatment of Menière's disease
G. Brehmer and J. Helms

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