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edited by: H.R. Taylor

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Publication details: Book. 2000. vi and 182 pages. Publication date: 2000-04-26. 120 figures, of which 61 in color, and 18 tables. Hardbound.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-174-7 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-174-2; Kugler Publications)



This book endeavors to highlight the areas of uncertainty and controversy. It brings up to date those persons with a passing interest in pterygium, and provides a reliable summary of the active research in the field for those who seek more detailed information. For the more pragmatic, this book aims to provide some clear recommendations for the practical clinical management of pterygium, based on our current understanding.

Although there are still many questions unanswered, there are good grounds for optimism. The advances in epidemiological methods, and in our understanding of and methods for assessing ocular exposure, should make further study of ocular exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation much more straightforward. There is much promise in the exciting new understanding of the cellular changes involved in the formation of pterygium, and particularly in the new compounds that offer to revolutionize our ability to treat pterygium and other conditions associated with neovascularization. And finally, there is now a body of experience that has established standards that future clinical trials need to meet in order to provide convincing and robust information on therapeutic options.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
A historical perspective of pterygium
Hugh R. Taylor

Chapter 2
Distribution, risk factors, and epidemiology of pterygium
Lawrence W. Hirst

Chapter 3
The focusing of ultraviolet radiation in the eye and ocular exposure
David H. Sliney

Chapter 4
Limbal stem cell deficiency in the pathogenesis of pterygium
Scheffer C G. Tseng, Sao-Bing Lee and De-Quan Li

Chapter 5
Clinical evaluation of pterygium
J. Daniel Twelker and Ian L. Bailey

Chapter 6
Different diagnosis and indications for treatment
M.S. Sridhar and Gullapalli N. Rao

Chapter 7
Non-surgical treatment, tear film supplements and laser treatment
Shigeto Shimmura and Kazuo Tsubota

Chapter 8
Basic surgical technique
Donald Tan

Chapter 9
Adjunctive medical therapy for pterygium. surgery
Joseph Frucht-Pery and Charalambos S. Siganos

Chapter 10
An evidence-based appraisal of treatment options
Grant R. Snibson

Chapter 11
Management of recurrences in pterygium surgery
Federico Serrano G and Carmen Barraquer C

Chapter 12
A new pharmacological treatment for angiogenesis
Joseph M. DeFaller and Abbot F. Clark

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