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Current Concepts in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Oculoplastic Surgery

edited by: C.L. Fry & A.R. Faulkner

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Publication details: Book. 2000. xii and 377 pages. Publication date: 2000-05-17. 285 figures, of which 44 in color, 9 tables. Hardbound

ISBN: 978-90-6299-177-8 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-177-7; Kugler Publications)
This publication is part of the New Orleans Academy of Ophthalmology series
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Ophthalmic plastic surgery continues to evolve more towards the aesthetic concerns of our patients. In their lectures the internationally well-known oculoplastic surgeons George B. Bartley, Brian S. Biesman, Michael A. Callahan, James C. Fleming, Robert A. Goldberg, Barrett G. Haik, Alan A. McNab and Russell W. Neuhaus gave an update on aesthetic approaches to traditional functional problems (such as nonincisional dacryocystorhinostomies and the deep lateral wall decompression for Graves orbitopathy), as well as the latest information regarding numerous cosmetic procedures, including laser resurfacing, endoscopic brow lifts and laser-assisted blepharoplasty. The round table discussions were particularly informative and enlightening and have therefore been included in this book.


Table of Contents

Preface Editors



Standard upper blepharoplasty
Alan A. McNab

Standard lower lid blepharoplasty
Darwin J. Liao, Samuel A. Gallo and James C. Fleming

Brow ptosis and its correction: traditional surgical approaches
Samuel A. Gallo, Darius M. Moshfeghi and James C. Fleming

The endoscopic brow lift
Robert Alan Goldberg

Round Table: Standard blepharoplasty complications
Robert Alan Goldberg, Moderator

Carbon dioxide laser physics, laser tissue interaction, and laser safety
Brian S. Biesman and Jemshed A. Khan

Anatomy of the eyelid, forehead, and temporal region
Brian S. Biesman

Laser-assisted upper blepharoplasty
Brian S. Biesman and Harvey P. Cole III

What's new in aesthetic laser surgery?
Brian S. Biesman

Round Table: Laser surgery controversies
Alan A. McNab, Moderator

Enucleation and Evisceration

Enucleation and evisceration
Michael A. Callahan

Round Table: Enucleation and evisceration
George B. Bartley, Moderator and Section Editor

Eyelid Surgery

Entropion repair: anatomical approach
Sean M. Blaydon and Russell W. Neuhaus

Ectropion: an anatomical basis of repair
Sean M. Blaydon and Russell W. Neuhaus

Round Table: Ectropion and entropion
Alan A. McNab, Moderator

Michael A. Callahan

Round Table: Ptosis: complications and refinements of problem cases
James C. Fleming, Moderator

Eyelid reconstruction
George B. Bartley

Eyelid and periorbital reconstruction by second-intention healing: the one-handed repair
George B. Bartley

Round Table: Eyelid reconstruction
Russell W. Neuhaus, Moderator

Graves Orbitopathy

Graves orbitopathy: eyelid retraction
Alan A. McNab

Orbital decompression: a customized, graded approach using the deep lateral wall
Robert Alan Goldberg

Round Table: Graves orbitopathy
Alan A. McNab, Moderator

Lacrimal Procedures

Office evaluation of the tearing patient
Sean M. Blaydon and Russell W. Neuhaus

External dacryocystorhinostomy
Sean M. Blaydon and Russell W. Neuhaus

Endocanalicular laser dacryocystorhinostomy
George B. Bartley and Klaus Müllner

Conjunctivodacryocystorhinostomy (CDCR, or DCR and bypass tube)
Alan A. McNab

Round Table: Lacrimal procedures B problems and difficult cases
Michael A. Callahan, Moderator


Pediatric orbital tumors
Barrett G. Haik

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