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Answers in Glaucoma

edited by: R. Susanna Jr & R.N. Weinreb

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The editors sought to compile a series of questions that probe the current condition of the conundrum of glaucoma. The answers were provided by invited experts and many of the replies are definitive and based on clinical or laboratory research. Other answers express opinions that are anecdotal and based on experience or logic. And of course some of them raise new questions. This book invites to consult and read. In the end it gives you an answer to the questions you may have.
Publication details: Book. 2005. xxvi and 305 pages. Publication date: 2005. 9 tables and 40 figures, of which 24 in full color. Hardbound.

ISBN: 978-85-7006-357-1 (ISBN 10: 85-7006-357-1; Cultura Médica)



For this book, we sought to compile a series of questions that probe the current condition of the conundrum of glaucoma. Many of the answers that have been provided by the invited experts are definitive and based on clinical or laboratory research that has become possible due to the emergence of new technologies and methodologies. Others express opinions that are anecdotal and based on experience or logic. It was our intent that these questions and the elicited responses would not only provide didactic information about glaucoma, but raise new questions. Some of the new questions might be designed to elucidate existing answers. Others might arise from the surprise of learning something inconsistent with previous expectations or understandings. And still others might arise from either practical need or curiosity. An enhanced understanding of glaucoma depends upon the generation of answers to these new questions, as well as informed alterations of the answers to the existing ones provided here.

Remo Susanna Jr. MD
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Robert N. Weinreb MD
La Jolla, USA

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Question 1 - How is glaucoma defined?
Robert N. Weinreb, Felipe A. Medeiros

Question 2 - Why do people go blind from glaucoma?
Monica M. Carrillo,  Raymond P. LeBlanc

Question 3 - How often do patients with glaucoma become blind?
Douglas H. Johnson

Question 4 - What causes optic nerve damage in glaucoma?
Douglas R. Anderson

Question 5 - Selective cell death in glaucoma: does it really exist?
Catherine Boden,  Pamela A. Sample

Question 6 - Is glaucoma only an eye disease?
Stephen M. Drance

Question 7 - Is Glaucoma an eye disease only?
Neeru Gupta ,  Yeni H. Yücel

Question 8 - Should glaucoma patients undergo genetic testing?
Wallace L. M. Alward

Question 9 - What are the ophthalmoscopic signs of glaucomatous optic neuropathy? 
Jost B. Jonas

Question 10 - Is optical coherence tomography useful in the clinical evaluation of glaucoma
Joel S. Schuman

Question 11 - Is scanning laser tomography useful in the evaluation of glaucoma?
Balwantray C. Chauhan

Question 12 - Is scanning laser polarimetry useful in the clinical evaluation of glaucoma?
 Linda Zangwill

Question 13 - Is frequency doubling technology (FDT) perimetry useful in the clinical evaluation of glaucoma?
Philip P. Chen

Question 14 - Is SWAP useful in the clinical evaluation of glaucoma?
Christopher A. Girkin

Question 15 - When should UBM be performed in the evaluation of glaucoma?
Celso Tello

Question 16 - Are there methods for assessing ocular blood flow in clinical practice that are relevant to glaucoma diagnosis and management?
George A. Cioffi

Question 17 - What is the earliest detectable sign of glaucoma?
Jost B. Jonas

Question 18 - Glaucoma masqueraders
Leonard A. Levin

Question 19
What are the ideal characteristics of a drug for the treatment of primary open angle glaucoma?
Kuldev Singh

Question 20 - What is maximal tolerated medical therapy?
Robert D. Fechtner, Tony Realini

Question 21 - What is the practical importance of blood flow evaluation in glaucoma?
Makoto Araie

Question 22 - Is a glaucoma vaccination feasible? (Towards development of a vaccination for glaucoma)
Michal Schwartz

Question 23 - When should we treat ocular hypertensives?
K. Schwartz,  Richard K. Parrish

Question 24 - What is the practical importance of pachymetry in the clinical evaluation of glaucoma?
James D. Brandt

Question 25 - Are myopic eyes more susceptible to glaucomatous damage?
Claude F. Burgoyne

Question 26 - Is sleep apnea a risk factor for glaucoma?
Parag A. Gokhale

Question 27 - What is the importance of IOP fluctuation in glaucoma?
Remo Susanna Jr,  Roberto M. Vessani

Question 28 - What is target pressure and how can it be calculated? (Evidence-based target pressures: How to choose them)
Paul Palmberg

Question 29 - Is treatment of early glaucoma important?
Anders Heijl

Question 30 - What is the role of rate of progression in the management of glaucoma?
Erik L. Greve

Question 31 - How can one optimally follow patients with end-stage glaucoma and advanced visual field loss?
Ivan Goldberg

Question 32 - How should normal tension glaucoma be managed?
Marcelo T. Nicolela

Question 33 - Is laser iridotomy indicated in the management of pigmentary dispersion Syndrome?
M. Bruce Shields

Question 34 - Why is intraocular pressure difficult to control in exfoliation syndrome?
Robert Ritch,  Vincent Hugo

Question 35 - How is neovascular glaucoma most effectively managed?
Shan Lin

Question 36 - When is an angle occludable?
S. Fabian Lerner

Question 37 - How are occludable angles best detected? (Management of occludable angles)
Steve K. L. Seah, Tin Aung

Question 38 - Is primary angle-closure glaucoma a single disease?
Robert Ritch

Question 39 - How is acute angle glaucoma managed?
Celso Tello

Question 40 - How is a patient with chronic angle closure best managed?
Tsing-Hong Wang

Question 41 - How to diagnose and manage glaucoma in nanophthalmic eyes?
Roberto Freire, Santiago Malta

Question 42 - Which are the limitations of laser iridotomy in the management of primary angle closure glaucoma?
Anita S. Y. Chan,  Tin Aung,  Paul T. K. Chew

Question 43 - How is malignant glaucoma diagnosed and treated?
Jody Piltz-Seymour

Question 44 - When should we do laser trabeculoplasty in the management of glaucoma? Laser trabeculoplasty
Clive Migdal

Question 45 - Is there a role for selective laser trabeculoplasty?
Karim F. Damji

Question 46- When should a laser iridoplasty be performed?
Curt Hartleben

Question 47 - What are the indications for trabeculectomy in the management of the glaucoma patient?
Jeffrey M. Liebmann

Question 48 - When to use prophylactic antibiotics prior to trabeculectomy?
Daniel Grigera

Question 49 - When and how is 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) used with trabeculectomy?
Robert Feldman

Question 50 - When and how is mitomicin C used with trabeculectomy?
P. T. Khaw

Question 51 - When should we use releasable sutures in trabeculectomies?
Heryberto S. Alvim,  L. Jay Katz

Question 52 - How should a postoperative bleb leak be managed?
Richard P. Mills

Question 53 - When should a choroidal effusion after trabeculectomy be drained?
Neeru Gupta

Question 54 - How should hypotony maculopathy due to overfiltration be managed?
Robert L. Stamper

Question 55 - What are the risk factors for bleb-related endophthalmitis?
Henry Jampel

Question 56 - How is a failing bleb diagnosed and managed?
Roger A. Hitchings

Question 57 - Which patients are at most risk for post-operative vision loss following trabeculectomy?
Andrew C. Crichton

Question 58 - What are the indications for combined procedures (cataract and glaucoma)?
Lili Farrokh-Siar,  Michelle Colev,  Ahmad A. Aref,  Theodore Krupin

Question 59 - What indications are there for non penetrating surgery
Roberto G. Carassa

Question 60 - When should glaucoma drainage device be used in the surgical treatment of glaucoma?
Don Minckler

Question 61 - Are mitomycin c or 5-fluorouracil useful with aqueous shunting procedures?
Troy M. Tanj,  Dale K. Heuer

Question 62 - What are the main complications of glaucoma implant surgery?
Felix Gil Carrasco

Question 63 - What are the indications for laser cyclodestructive procedures?
Jonathan G. Crowston


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