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Intracorneal Ring Segments and Alternative Treatments for Corneal Ectatic Diseases

edited by: J. Colin & A. Ertan

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Readers of this section are hopefully familiar with my approach. Books are reviewed less for their manifest content than for other features, perhaps somewhat incidental at first glance. The foreword, the author biography, the typeface, the quality of the paper the book is printed on - all tell us something about the book, about the authors, about the subject. One is struck by two things.1.This is a book from Turkey. 2. I also note that the book is published by Kudret Eye Hospital. How about the book under examination? The foreword describes the mystery of keratoconus. The rest of the book is describing, in the most up to-date manner possible, all the relevant information that will be of use to corneal surgeons. First of all, Yaron S.Rabinowitz, from the UCLA School of Medicine, contributes a chapter on the diagnosis of keratoconus and other ectatic diseases. This section is extensively illustrated and clearly written. There follow more clinical chapters. The chapter titles alone will indicate just how specific we are getting - 'Intacs Corneal Implants For Myopia an Effective Refractive Alternative with Proven Efficacy and Safety,' or Aylin Ertan's own 'Intacs Material and Clinical Use in Ectatic Corneal Diseases'- and how extremely practical this book is. It is obviously aimed at an extremely specialised readership. Each chapter is dominated by the visual image, as is appropriate for a book of this type. Each chapter is referenced, and references from the 20th century (and from the middle to late part of the first decade of that century) dominate. In one sense, the book comes full circle, for having mentioned keratoplasty in the foreword, the 12th and final chapter is on microkeratome-assisted lamellar keratoplasty for the surgical treatment of keratoconus. It is more focused on a particular area of practice, and concentrates almost purely on that area. The book is more focused and the chapters are more focused. Overall, this book is intended to be practical and is exactly that. I look forward to reviewing further publications from this source. Review by Seamus Sweeney Review by Seamus Sweeney
Publication details: Book. 2007. 200 pages. Publication date: 2007-11-06. with many color illustrations. A4 (8.3x11.7 in).

ISBN: 978-97-5921-352-7 (ISBN 10: 97-5921-352-4; Kudret Eye Hospital)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1: Diagnosis of Keratoconus and Other Ectatic Diseases
Yaren S.Rabinowitz MD

CHAPTER 2: Intacs® Corneal lmplants for Myopia An Effective Refractive Alternative with Proven Efficacy and Safety
Penny A.Asbelt, MD, FACS, MBA

CHAPTER 3: CorneaI Ectasia and Ferrara Ring
Cristian Santa Cruz

CHAPTER 4: Results of Intrastromal Corneal Ring Segments (Keraring) Assisted by Femtosecond Laser for Keratoconus Correction
Jorge L Alió, MD, PhD

CHAPTER 5: Intacs Material and Clinical Use in Ectatic CorneaI Diseases
Aylin Ertan, MD

CHAPTER 6: Intacs Implantation with Mechanical Dissection
Prof Dr Joseph Colin

CHAPTER 7: Intacs Treatment with Femtosecond laser
Aylin Ertan, MD

CHAPTER 8: Contacts lens Fitting Following Intacts for Keratoconus
Tavassoli Laleh, MD
Florence Malet, MD
Joseph Colin J, MD

CHAPTER 9: Removal of Intacs
Joseph Colin, MD

CHAPTER 10: Biomechanics of INTACS in Keratoconus
Cynthia J. Roberts, Ph.D.

CHAPTER 11: CorneaI Collagen Crosslinking with Riboflavin and UVA
Colin C.K. Chan, MD FRANZCO
Brian S. Boxer Wachler, MD

CHAPTER 12: Microkeratome-Assisted lamellar Keratoplasty for the Surgical Treatment of Keratoconus
Vincenzo Scorcia, MD
Massimo Busin, MD

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