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Glaucoma in the New Millennium

edited by: J.D. Nussdorf

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Publication details: Book. 2003. x and 310 pages. Publication date: 2003-02-07. 108 figures, of which 51 in full color, and 12 tables. Hardbound. 16x24 cm (6.3x9.4 in).

ISBN: 978-90-6299-193-8 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-193-9; Kugler Publications)
This publication is part of the New Orleans Academy of Ophthalmology series
Also available as ebook

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Defining Glaucoma

An approach to glaucoma pathogenesis
H.A. Quigley

How do we kill the idea of low-tension glaucoma?
H.A. Quigley

How much glaucoma damage is pressure-dependent?
P. Palmberg

Ocular blood flow and glaucoma
G.A. Cioffi

Microvascular changes of the human anterior optic nerve in glaucoma
G.A. Cioffi and D.-Y. Zhao

Neuroprotection and glaucoma.How do I tell if a drug is neuroprotective?
G.A. Cioffi

The Angle

The true nature of angle-closure glaucoma
H.A. Quigley

Gonioscopy in the laser age
P. Palmberg

Round table: How I make the decision to do a peripheral iridotomy: my laser, lens and settings
(P. Palmberg, presiding)

Round table: How I make the decision to do ALT: my laser, lens and settings
(C.F. Burgoyne, presiding)

The Optic Nerve Head

Evaluation of optic disc and nerve fiber layer in glaucoma. Clinical techniques
J. Caprioli

Round table: How I follow the optic nerve head and nerve fiber layer: my step by step approach
(C.F. Burgoyne, presiding)

Workshop: Imaging the optic nerve head and nerve fiber layer in glaucoma
(J. Caprioli and H. Quigley)

Round table: My most confusing optic nerve head
(J. Nussdorf, presiding)


Update on psychophysical tests for glaucoma
J. Caprioli

The variability of perimetry. Reassessing an important clinical tool
E.J. Higginbotham, N. Ellish and R. Kalsi

Round table: Visual field
(E.J. Higginbotham, presiding)

Update on perimetry. New developments
C.A. Johnson

Questions directed to Chris Johnson in his absence

Treatment Issues, Problems &Repairs

Using combination drugs in glaucoma management
E.J. Higginbotham

The use of topical anesthesia for a combined cataract and glaucoma procedure
A.S. Crandall

Update on antimetabolic use
A.S. Crandall

Plumbing pearls. An effective method for reversing hypotony maculopathy and how to save failing filtering blebs at the slit lamp
P. Palmberg

Round table: My procedure and antimetabolite dose of choice for a primary trabeculectomy
(A. Etienne, presiding)

Round table: Refractive surgery: thin corneas, inaccurate intraocular pressures, and the myopic disc at risk
(D.A. Long, presiding)

Duke-Elder lectures

Lecture 1:Maintenance and pathophysiology of intraocular pressure
Lecture 2:Natural history of simple open-angle glaucoma 
Lecture 3:Natural history of congestive narrow-angle glaucoma

Appendix 1
Glaucoma Symposiums of the New Orleans Academy of Ophthalmology

Appendix 2

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