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Perimetry Update 1998/1999

edited by: M. Wall & J.M. Wild

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Publication details: Book. 1999. xii and 541 pages. Publication date: 1999-12-23. 233 figures of which 6 in color, and 70 tables.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-155-6 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-155-6; Kugler Publications)
This publication is part of the International Perimetric Society series
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Perimetry Update 1998/99 contains a selection of papers and posters presented at the XIIIth Visual Field Symposium of the International Perimetric Society. This peer-reviewed volume provides a convenient source for most of the perimetric research presently being undertaken world-wide.

The XIIIth. Symposium took place between September 6th and 9th, 1998, at the Grand Hotel, Gardone Riviera, Italy, hosted by Professor Enrico Gandolfo of the University of Brescia, and was attended by over 250 delegates. The setting for the Symposium, on the shore of the picturesque Lake Garda, provided an idyllic location for the scientific sessions of the Symposium and for the social functions of the Society.

Once again, the presentations within the scientific sessions were of a high standard. A total of 122 abstracts had been submitted for review. Of these, 52 were selected by the Program Committee for presentation as oral papers, and 57 as poster presentations. The posters were displayed throughout the Symposium, allowing delegates and authors plenty of opportunity for discussion. As was the case at the last Symposium, public discussion of each poster presentation was included within the scientific sessions. The topics presented at the XIIIth Symposium embraced all aspects of perimetric science. A total of ten sessions were held and covered: fundamentals of perimetry, visual psychophysics, new perimetric techniques, new algorithms for estimating threshold, perimetric variability, color perimetry, optic nerve head imaging, and visual field investigation in glaucoma and in retinal and neurological disorders. The new perimetric techniques included frequency doubling technology, flicker perimetry and pupil perimetry. The new algorithms included the Swedish Interactive Threshold Algorithm (SITA) and Tendency Orientated Perimetry (TOP). The session on perimetric variability addressed some of the issues contributing to short-term fluctuation, and also contained papers on the use of univariate linear regression of point-wise sensitivity against time to follow-up for the identification of progressive visual field loss. The session on color perimetry was almost exclusively concerned with Short Wavelength Automated Perimetry (SWAP), particularly in glaucoma and high risk ocular hypertension. However, one group described a seemingly promising additional use for SWAP; namely, in the detection of diabetic macular edema. The presentations within the imaging session described the latest morphometric and topographic parameters derived by optic nerve head and nerve fiber layer analysis, and compared these structural measures with those of the functional assessment. In the current financial climate, no scientific symposium can take place without the endorsement of industry. The technical exhibition was supported by ten companies drawn from both the pharmaceutical industry and the instrument manufacturers. The Society is, in particular, indebted to Alcon International and Humphrey Instruments and Welch-Allyn combined, for the generous financial contribution received. These contributions reduced the cost of delegate registration. The organization of the Symposium was excellent. In this respect, the Society owes its gratitude to the Program Committee, the Local Organizing Committee and, in particular, to the local host, Professor Enrico Gandolfo. The publication of this volume was also dependent upon the cooperation and goodwill of the authors and of the peer reviewers from the Board of the Society. I would like to express my personal gratitude to the Secretary of the Society, Dr. Michael Wall, for his enthusiasm and commitment to the Society, and for his unstinting efforts in the organization of the Symposium and of this volume. We all look forward to the next Symposium, IPS 2000, which will be held at the World Trade Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, between September 6th and 9th, 2000, under the direction of the local host, Dr. Balwantray Chauhan 

John Wild

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


New perimetry algorithms

Sensitivity to glaucomatous visual field loss in full threshold, SITA Standard, and SITA Fast tests
B. Bengtsson and A. Heijl

Characteristics of the SITA program on the Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer
A. Iwase, Y. Ohno, R. Shiraki, S. Tuji and Y. Kitazawa

Comparing SITA and full threshold strategies
P. Capris, G. Gatti, G. Corallo, S. Romiti, E. Gandolfo and M. Zingirian   

Comparison of SITA and dynamic strategies with the same examination grid
C.T. Langerhorst, L.L. Carenini, D. Bakker, Th.J.T.P. Van den Berg and M.A.C. De Bie-Raakman

A comparison of light detection thresholds in glaucomatous visual fields in SITA-S and Fastpac
E. Mutlukan

Comparative' evaluation of four strategies (standard, dynamic, TOP, 2-level) using the automated perimeter Octopus 1-2-3
S. Takada, C. Matsumoto, S. Okuyama, A. Iwagaki and T. Otori

GI-tendency-oriented perimetry: introduction and comparison with GI-Standard Bracketing
M. González de la Rosa, M.J. Losada, M. Serrano and J. Morales

Reproducibility of top algorithm results versus those obtained with the bracketing procedure
M. González de la Rosa, á. Martinez Pinero and M. González Hernández

Flicker-top perimetry in normals and patients with ocular hypertension and early glaucoma
M. González de la Rosa, J. Rodriguez and M. Rodriguez

New methods - screening

Efficacy of screening modes of FDT and Dicon perimeters
R.E. Van Coevorden, R.P. Mills, L. Wang and D.C. Stanford

Frequency doubling perimetry as a glaucoma screener
Y. Kondo, K. Inazumi, T. Yamamoto and Y. Kitazawa

A comparison of the effects of neutral density filters and diffusing filters on motion detection perimetry, white-on-white perimetry and frequency doubling perimetry
L. Membrey, S. Kogure and F.W. Fitzke

Automated flicker perimetry in glaucoma and retinal detachment patients
C. Matsumoto, S. Okuyama, A. Iwagaki, S. Takada and T. Otori


The relationship between sensitivity and variability in normal and glaucomatous visual fields
D.B. Henson, S.J. Chaudry and P.H. Artes

Evaluation of two screening tests for frequency doubling technology perimetry
C.A. Johnson, G.A. Cioffi and E.M. Van Buskirk

A method for sampling discrete ganglion cell mosaics that decreases threshold variability        
P.M. Pearson, W.H. Swanson, R.L. Fellman, R.J. Starita and J.R. Lyn

Quantification of glaucomatous threshold visual field loss based on neuromorphometric correlates
E. Mutlukan

Linear regression analysis in glaucoma visual field follow-up
A. Heijl and B. Bengtsson

Detecting gradual and sudden sensitivity loss in series of visual fields
D.P. Crabb, F. W. Fitzke and R.A. Hitchings

Pointwise linear regression of glaucomatous visual fields: a new approach 
A. C. Viswanathan, F.W. Fitzke and R.A. Hitchings

The rate of visual field progression during long-term follow-up of normal-tension glaucoma patients           
D. Poinoosawmy, C. Bunce, W.L. Membrey, F.W. Fitzke and R.A. Hitchings

Evaluation of fixation during perimetry using a new fundus perimeter        
T. Murata, Y. Nishida, K. Yoshida, T. Iwami and K. Kani

The effect of a 'social' dose of alcohol on the central retinal sensitivity and fixation stability - measured with the scanning laser ophthalmoscope
F.P. Källmark and L.M. Martin


The independence of perimetry thresholds       
R.S. Harwerth and E.L. Smith, III

Detection and resolution thresholds in the fovea and periphery for high-pass tumbling E's     
R.S. Anderson, F.A. Ennis and D.R. McDowell

Tumbling E resolution perimetry in glaucoma
F.A. Ennis, R.S. Anderson, W.S. McClean and S.J.A. Rankin

Comparison between threshold pupil perimetry and suprathreshold pupil perimetry
S. Okuyama, C. Matsumoto, A. Iwagaki, S. Takada and T. Otori

Binocular summation within the binocular visual field     
A. Wakayama, C. Matsumoto, A. Iwagaki and T. Otori

Abnormal maximum line displacement sensitivity and frequency-of-seeing curves for a motion stimulus in glaucoma        
M.C. Westcott, D. Poinoosawmy and F.W. Fitzke

Intensity distribution beneath an artificial vessel: implications for angioscotomata
C. Hofmann, U. Schiefer and E. Plies

Fundamentals of perimetry

Age influences asymmetry in differential luminance sensitivity
T.J. Dietrich, N. Ata, A. Sänger, B. Selig, U. Schiefer and N. Benda

Age and eccentricity effects on grating detection and grating resolution automated perimetry
S. Demirel, C.A. Johnson and L.N. Thibos

Effect of localized refractive error on perimetric thresholds for different­ sized targets in foveal and peripheral vision
D.R. McDowell, R.S. Anderson and F.A. Ennis

Suprathreshold perimetry: establishing the test intensity
D.B. Henson, P.H. Artes, S.J Chaudry and B.C. Chauhan

The effect on perimetric thresholds of using a quadrant-limited seed point algorithm
C.Y. Brito and M. Wall

Perimetric techniques

Automated static campimetry with locally enhanced spatial resolution
U. Schiefer, B. Selig and T.J. Dietrich

An automatic target-adding system for visual field screening
Y. Takihata, K. Miyazaki, Y. Komachi, S. Nagata and K. Kani   

Neural attractor network classification of visual field data
W. Fink, U. Schiefer and E. W. Schmid 

Estimating cataract by means of resolution perimetry
L. Frisén

Correlation of relative dispersion analysis and other high pass resolution perimetry indices with standard threshold perimetry
M. Iester, M. Altieri, C.E. Traverso, P. Capris, M. Zingirian

Use your PC to quickly map remaining vision after foveal vision loss
M. Mackeben, A. Colenbrander and A. Gofen 

Automated perimetry, color vision and contrast sensitivity in ocular hypertensives
G. Milano, G.C.M. Rossi and F. Trimarchi

Improved resolution by 3dB gray scale printouts of visual fields
F. Dannheim

Color perimetry

Repeatability of abnormality and progression in glaucomatous standard and SWAP visual fields
P.A. Sample, A. Emdadi, Y. Kono and R.N. Weinreb

A longitudinal evaluation of short-wavelength automated perimetry in glaucoma patients
E. Kono, P.A. Sample, A. Emdadi and R.N. Weinreb 

One year's experience of short wavelength automated perimetry in private practice
E.R. Forsman

Non-conventional visual field testing in patients with high-risk ocular hypertension 
P. Brusini, P. Busatto and G.B. Driussi

Short-wavelength automated perimetry at baseline and following laser photocoagulation in patients with clinically significant diabetic macular edema: a series of illustrative case reports            
C. Hudson, J.G. Flanagan, G.S. Turner, H.C. Chen, L.B. Young and D. McLeod

Evaluation of white-on-white perimetry using size 1 stimulus compared with blue-on-yellow perimetry
M. Takada, M. Osako, S. Osako, H. Goto, N. Horikoshi and T. Okano

Optic disc imaging

Morphometric parameters in high-tension and normal-tension glaucoma: correlation with visual field indices
M. Iester, F.S. Mikelberg, P. Courtright and S.M. Drance

Relationship between perimetric light sensitivity and optic disc neuroretinal rim area            
D.F. Garway-Heath, A. Viswanathan, M. Westcott, D. Kamal, F.W. Fitzke and R.A. Hitchings

Comparison between optic nerve head topography - using the Heidelberg Retina Tomograph - and resolution visual fields
L.M. Martin and U.K. Gedda

Measurement of large optic discs using the nerve fiber analyzer, GDx 
P. Karyampudi, L. Wang, P.P. Chen and R.P. Mills

Nerve fiber layer thickness in normals and glaucoma patients
H. Suzumura, K. Harasawa, A. Kobayashi and N. Endo

High-pass resolution neural capacity and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in glaucoma
P. Brusini, P. Busatto and C. Tosoni

Is there a relationship between visual field defects and retinal nerve fiber loss in glaucoma?           
M. Marraffa, R. De Natale, G. Marchini, R. Morbio, L. Tomazzoli and L. Bonomi


Morphometric asymmetry of peripapillary atrophy is associated with orbital blood flow asymmetry in normal-tension glaucoma patients           
H. Uchida, T. Yamamoto, Y. Niwa, G. Tomita and Y. Kitazawa

Minimum threshold asymmetry between fellow eyes of glaucomatous patients to define the side of greater field loss
L. Fontana, D. Poinoosawmy and R.A. Hitchings

Cumulative curve to detect neuroretinal rim area defects in glaucomatous optic nerve heads              
A. Macri, M. Iester, M. Rolando, G. Calabria and M. Zingirian

Simple criteria for detecting glaucomatous perimetric defects in high myopia
G. Corallo, P. Capris, E. Gandolfo, A. Macri, C. Guidi and M. Zingirian

False-negative rates in the visual fields of glaucomatous patients
D. Messenio and P. Montanari

Frequency of normal-tension glaucoma found at health check-ups
H. Okoshi, N. Kimura, H. Hayashi, M. Saito, N. Endo, H. Suzumura and M. Usui

Automatic static fundus perimetry for precise detection of early glaucomatous function loss
K. Rohrschneider, R. Glück, F.E. Kruse, R.O.W Burk, T. Fendrich and H.E. Völcker  

Prediction of glaucomatous visual field defects by reference plane independent three-dimensional optic nerve head parameters
R.O.W Burk, H. Noack, K. Rohrschneider and H.E. Völcker

Retinal and neurologic disorders

Perimetric long-term follow-up of diabetic cystoid macular edema after laser treatment extended to the foveal avascular zone
F. Morescalchi, E. Gandolfo, S. Formenti, S. Sancassani and E. Scuri

Visual field in areolar atrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium associated with age-related macular degeneration
A. Magnasco, P. Capris, M. Zingirian and E. Gandolfo

Value of Octopus automated perimetry in patients on hydroxychloroquine treatment
D. D'Andrea, L. Castagna, A. D'Andrea, M. Briguglio, B. Gentile and R. Lo Gullo

Peripheral detection versus resolution acuity in diabetes prior to clinically observed retinopathy
B.J. Curran and R.S. Anderson

Scanning laser-derived edema index topographic maps: correlation with visual function assessment in patients undergoing laser photocoagulation for clinically significant diabetic macular edema
C. Hudson, JG. Flanagan, G.S. Turner, H.C. Chen, L.B. Young and D. McLeod

Homonymous visual field defects: perimetric findings and corresponding neuro-imaging results
J. Schiller, T.J. Dietrich, L. Lorch, M. Skalej, C. Braun and U. Schiefer

Central visual field changes in dysthyroid optic neuropathy
Y. Inoue, T. Inoue. T. Tsuboi and K. Goto

Puzzling visual field loss in patients with primary empty sella
D. Doro, M.T. Dorigo de Natale and P. Cimatti

Development of the Tübingen neuro-ophthalmological perimetric database
R. Burth, E. Hölper, S. Mayer, L. Mildenberger, G. Magnusson, U. Schiefer and W. Fink

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