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Otitis Media Today

edited by: M.. Tos & J. Thomsen & V. Balle

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Publication details: Book. 1999. xvi and 728 pages. Publication date: 1999-04-01. 216 figures and 144 tables. Hardbound.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-165-5 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-165-3; Kugler Publications)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

History of the Symposia

Opening Address

Do international symposia on otitis media advance our state of knowledge?
C.D. Bluestone

Special lecture of Guest of Honor

Eustachian tube: status of hydrops ex vacuo theory 1997
C.D. Bluestone


Epidemiology and pathogenesis of chronic suppurative otitis media. Implications for prevention and treatment
C.D. Bluestone

Point prevalence of secretory otitis media (SOM) in children in Southern Vietnam
D.H. Son, N.T. Son, L. Tri, T.K. Phuong, T.T.T Mai, V.M. Tien, V. Balle and M. Tos

The prevalence and natural history of otitis media with effusion in Chinese school children in Hong Kong
M.C.F. Tong, V. Yue, P.K.M. Ku, T.C.K. Wong, P.S.Y. Lo, J.K.S. Woo, C.A. Van Hasselt

Are respiratory mucosal diseases the same in developing countries? Diagnosing acute otitis media in a high risk population
P.S. Morris, A. Yonovitz, A.J. Leach and J.D. Mathews

Epidemiology of otitis media throughout 600 years in Greenland
P. Homøe and N. Lynnerup

Prevalence of chronic otitis media in a randomly selected population sampled in two communities in Southern Vietnam
D.H. Son, N.T. So, L. Tri L, T.K Phuong, T.T.T. Mai, V.M. Tien, V. Balle and M. Tos

Risk factors in acute otitis media

Relationships between otitis media risk factors in early life
K.A. Daly, B. Lindgren, J. Brown, M. Meland and G.S. Giebink

Proneness to otitis. Is this predicted by the age of the first ear infection?
K.J. Kvœner, P. Nafstad, J.A. Hagen, I.W.S Mair and J.J.K. Jaakkola

The role of air pollution- induced allergy in otitis media pathogenesis in children
T.M. Sih and P.R. Menezes

Prognostic value of craniofacial growth
Prognostic value of craniofacial growth and development in children with secretory otitis media
Y.K. Kemaloğlu, N. Göksu, A.Köybaşioğlu, E. Inal and S. Ozbilen

Diagnosis and screening

Tympanometric screening
Sensitivity and specificity of tympanometry in predicting a hearing impairment in otitis media with effusion
MRC Multi-Centre Otitis Media Study Group

Tympanometric artifacts
Negative middle ear pressures explained by tympanometric artefacts in secretory otitis media
M. Gaihede

Ear drum mobility
Diagnostic value of eardrum mobility in otitis media with effusion
H. Takahashi, I. Honjo, S. Hasebe, M. Sudo and M. Tanabe

Screening for hearing loss
A new performance-in-noise test for assessing hearing disability in young schoolchildren in a community setting
I.G. Williamson, C. Sheridan, E. Galker and J. Lous

Screening for hearing loss and outcome
Diagnosis and treatment after screening for hearing impairment
M.M. Rovers, G.-J. Van der Wilt, E. Herberts, G.A. Zielhuis, P. Van den Broek and M.A. Kauffman-De Boer

Correlated improvements in subjective and objective outcomes in otitis media with effusion
MRC Multi-centre Otitis Media Study Group: M.P. Haggard and S.C. Smith

Screening and treatment
Treatment of otitis media with effusion in infants. A study design
M.M. Rovers, G.A. Zielhuis, G.-J. Van der Wilt, P. Van den Broek and T.J. Van der Lem

Evoked acoustic emission and secretory otitis
Effects of effusion on the measurements of transient evoked otoacoustic emissions in children with otitis media with effusion
Y.J. Jang, S.O. Chang, C.-K. Rhee

Screening by nurse specialists
Ear nurse specialists in New Zealand. An accessible service for the ear health of children
B. Middleton, T. Barrie, J. King

Experimental adhesive otitis and retraction

Experimental model of adhesive otitis media
S. Hashimoto, N. Nonomura, Y. Nakano and F. Ikarashi

The pars flaccida, and otitis media with effusion. An experimental study in the rat
J.D. Russell and S. Giles

Experimental otitis media

Adhesion formation
Formation of fibrous middle ear adhesions. A theory of pathogenesis
P. Cayé-Thomasen, A. Hermansson, M. Tos and K. Prellner

Ear drum healing
Healing of the tympanic membrane after myringotomy during Streptococcus pneumoniae otitis media
K. Magnuson, A. Hermansson and S. Hellström

A possible role of mast cells in the healing of tympanic membrane perforations in acute otitis media
P. Cayé-Thomasen and M. Tos 

A temporal immunohistochemical study of macrophages, B cells, T cells and ICAM-1 in acute otitis media in the rat middle ear
M. Forséni, G.K. Hansson, D. Bagger-Sjöback and M. HuItcrantz

Molecular biology
Expression of nitric oxide synthase in the mouse middle ear mucosa during immune-mediated chronic otitis media
A.F. Ryan and L. Luo

In vivo induction and regulation of interleukin-8-like chemokine GRO-CINC-l in rat middle ear
I. Yoshioka, T. Himi and A. Kataura

Inflammatory mediators
Cytokines and pathogenesis of attic cholesteatoma
K. Hozawa, M. Adachi, T. Kawase, N. Shiga and T. Takasaka

Course of inflammatory cytokines in the guinea pig otitis media model induced by non-viable Haemophilus influenzae
K. Sato, M. Kawana, N. Nonomura and Y. Nakano

The role of IL-1β in experimental otitis media with effusion induced by Haemophilus influenzae endotoxin
Y. Kurono, T. Hirano, T. Watanabe and G. Mogi

The effects of leukotriene and its inhibitor on the mucociliary clearance of the Eustachian tube in guinea pigs
C.-K, Rhee, Y.J. Jang, P.-S. Jeong, M.-H. Hyun, Y.-H. Kim, C.Y. Ju and T.T.K. Jung

Retention of mucoid effusion-like semisolid gel in the middle ear cavity enhances the local production of cytokines induced by lipopolysaccharide
T. Himi, H. Kita, I. Yoshioka and A. Kataura

The chemokine in vivo induction by cell wall component of Gram-positive bacteria in rat middle ear mucosa
H. Kita, T. Himi, I. Yoshioka, and A. Kataura

Effect of antibiotics
Effect of penicillin on goblet cell density in acute otitis media. Possible implications in preventing secretory otitis media
P. Cayé-Thomasen, A. Hermansson, M. Tos and K. Prellner

Roxythromycin reinforces the epithelial defense function of the middle ear mucosa
H. Sakamoto, Y. Ohashi, A. Tanaka, Y. Kakinoki, Y. Ohno, T. Masamoto, Y.Nakai, T. Sakashita and K. Morimoto

Biochemistry of effusions

Inflammatory mediators
The level of RANTES in human middle ear effusion
S.K. Juhn, K.M. Hong, H. Park, C.S. Kim, K.M. Chun and G.S. Giebink

The role of cytokines in otitis media with effusion
S. Suenaga, Y. Kurono, H. Shigemi, H. Kerakawauchi, N. Sakamoto and G. Mogi

Soluble adhesion molecules in middle ear effusions
Y. Ohashi, Y. Nakai, H. Sakamoto, A. Tanaka, Y. Kakinoki, Y. Ohno and T. Masamoto

Inflammatory mediators as a predictor of outcome in otitis media with effusion
J.P. Birchall, I.J.M. Johnson, D.A. Hutton and J.P. Pearson

Cell cultures

Pharmacotherapeutic perspective in otitis media with effusion. Based on ion transport mechanisms of the cultured middle ear epithelia
K. Ikeda, M. Furukawa, N. Tanno, M. Yamaya and T. Takasaka

A2-adenosine receptors in Mongolian gerbil middle ear epithelium and their effects on ion transport
M. Furukawa, K. Ikeda, T. Oshima, H. Suzuki, M. Yamaya, H. Sasaki and T. Takasaka

Effect of prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and platelet activating factor on morphology of cochlear isolated outer hair cells
M.R. Rowe, Y.-S. Park, J.P.S. Kim, E.O. John, T.T.K. Jung, C.-K. Rhee, J. Duncan and W.H.Fletcher

In vitro cytokine production of adenoidal and tonsillar epithelial cells
T. Ishikawa, S. Ohguro, I. Yoshioka, Y. Harabuchi, T. Himi and A Kataura

Tubal function

Functional study of the auditory tube (Eustachian tube) in otitic pathology by tubomanometry
Ch. Martin, L. Chelikh, J.M. Prades, Ch. Dubreuil, D. Esteve, N. Merzougui and Z. lcunoamlak

The Toynbee phenomenon as a causative factor of middle ear disease
M. Sudo, H. Takahashi, M. Tanabe, S. Hasebe and I. Honjo

Histological and histopathological anatomy of human Eustachian tube mucosa
J.M. Prades, Ch. Martin, J.M. Dumollard and Z. Icunoamlak

Anatomy and pathology

Mucosal pathology of the attic
Prussak's space in health and disease
T. Palva and H. Ramsay

Mucosal pathology of the attic
T. Palva and H. Ramsay

Changes of nasal epithelium implanted into the middle ear
Change of inferior turbinate epithelium after implantation into the human middle ear
P.L. Larsen, J.-I. Suzuki and M. Tos

Neonatal middle ear
The neonatal middle ear. Indicator for future problems?
C.C. Northrop, J. Piza, C.S. Karmody and R. Eavey

Mechanism of perforation
The mechanism of perforation of the human tympanic membrane
C.S. Karmody and C.C. Northrop

Guinea pig middle ear
Dynamic behavior of the guinea pig middle ear
Y. Suzaki. K. Hozawa, T. Takasaka, K. Ohyama, T. Kobayasi and H. Wada

Sheep middle ear
In search of a teaching, training and experimental model for otological surgery. A study of sheep ear anatomy
L. Lavinsky and M. Goycoolea


Mucosal immunology
 gd T-cell receptor repertoire in middle ear effusions in children
K. Takeuchi and Y. Sakakura

Vaccine production
A clinical vaccine formulation for Haemophilus influenzae otitis media containing
recombinant P4 and P6 outer membrane proteins
B.A. Green, S.B Olmsted, M.E. Vazquez, G. Quigley-Reape and G.W. Zlotnick

Development of a conjugate vaccine for nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae
J. Sun, J. Chen, D.J. Lim and X.-X. Gu

Development of a UspA vaccine to prevent Moraxella catarrhalis otitis media
J.C. McMichael, D. Chen, R.A. Fredenburg, M.J. Fiske, V.L. Barniak and K.R. Vandermeid 

Enhanced naso pharyngeal clearance of inoculated nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae by intranasal immunization with P6 and cholera toxin B
M. Hotomi, J. Shimada, A. Togawa, M. Suzumoto and N. Yamanaka

Induction of IgA immune responses by mucosal immunization
G. Mogi, Y. Kurono, S. Kodama, Y.-L. Xiao, M. Yamamoto and H. Kiyono


Nasopharyngeal flora
Carriage dynamics of nonencapsulated Haemophilus influenzae in Aboriginal infants with otitis media
H.C. Smith-Vaughan, K.S. Sriprakash, A.J. Leach, J.D. Mathews and D.J. Kemp

Bacterial location and development of otitis media
I-H. Bierkli, B.M. Andersen, R. Myklebust and L.-E. Stenfors

In vitro inhibition of S. pneumoniae, nontypable H. influenzae and M. catharralis by α-hemolytic
streptococci from children
K. Tano, S. Hellström, E. Grahn-Håkansson and S.E. Holm

Bacterial findings in the nasopharynx. of children with secretory otitis media treated with amoxicillin with clavulanic acid and penicillin-V
V.H. Balle, J. Sederberg-Olsen, J.C. Thomsen and S.H. Hartzen

Virus examinations in an epidemiological survey of children in Greenland with and without acute otitis media
P. Homøe, A. Hornsleth and J. Prag

Streptococcus pneumoniae
Identification of extracellular matrix-binding protein of the clinically isolated Streptococcus pneumoniae
F. Tanimura, H. Morioka and Y. Murakami

Acute otitis media

Antibiotic treatment
Aspects on the treatment of acute otitis media in children
K. Lundgren

The frequency of resistant bacteria in the rbinopharynx of children with acute otitis media in general practice in Denmark
J. Lous, P.A. Pedersen, J.G. Hansen, B.L. Hansen, H.B. Konradsen and S. Mö1stad

Acute otitis media in ENT practice. Microbiological and clinical findings
J. Sederberg-Olsen, J.J. Christensen, A. Lester, A. Gottschau, N. Sederberg-Olsen and A. Sederberg-Olsen

Follow-up of acute otitis media in children with multiple frequency tympanometry
S. Vlachou, D. Dinopoulou, D. Douniadakis, M. Tsakanikos, K. Papakostas and N. Apostolopoulos 

Middle ear bacteriology
Resistance to antibiotics of bacteria isolated from children with acute otitis media
G. Kouppari, A. Zaphiropoulou, D. Dinopoulou, S. Vlachou, V. Deligianni and N. Apostolopoulos

Tympanostomy tubes

Secretory otitis media
Treatment with grommets in The Netherlands. Incidence in children from birth to 12 years
J.A.M. Engel, L.I.C. Anteunis and J.J.T. Hendriks

Factors which influence the recurrence rate of otitis media with effusion after removal of tympanostomy tubes
T. Takasaka, N. Shiga, H. Miyakura and K. Hozawa

Ventilating tubes in the treatment of secretory otitis media. Will silver coating reduce the otorrhea?
P. Møller

Management of eardrum perforation persisting after tympanostomy tube treatment
Y. Obara, K. Hozawa, H. Miyakura, N. Shiga and T. Takasaka

Acute otitis media
Tympanostomy tubes in recurrent acute otitis media in children
I.Šlapák, P. Horník, M. Máchalová, A. Fryčková and J.Machač

Middle ear gas exchange and other mucous membrane activity

Middle ear pressure change in piglets following alteration of respiratory condition. Comparative study of normal and inflamed ears
Y. Yamamoto, H. Hanazawa, N. Nonomura, Y. Nakano and F. Ikarashi

Transmucosal gas exchange in the pneumatic middle ear cavity. An experimental study in animals
K. Aoki, Y. Mitani, T. Tsuji, Y. Hamada and H. Moriyama

Transmucosal gas exchange in the middle ear cavity. Experimental study II
Y. Hamada, Y. Mitani, T. Tsuji, H. Utahashi, K. Aoki and H. Moriyama

Autoinflation therapy using a rubber balloon for otitis media with effusion
Y. Yaginuma, K. Hozawa and T. Takasaka

Is hypertrophic nasal mucosa a good model system for studying mucin production in OME?
T.L. Severn, D.A. Hutton, A. Sama, J.A. Wilson, J.P. Birchall and J.P. Pearson

Has Nacystelyn any potential as a treatment for glue ear?
J.P. Pearson, J.L. Abbott, M. Robson, D.A. Hutton and J.P. Birchall

Congenital cholesteatoma

Congenital cholesteatoma. Theories of origin
C.S. Karmody and C.C.Northrop

Cholesteatoma in children

Clinical characteristics of middle ear cholesteatoma in children related to its pathogenesis
K. Park, H.-J. Park and B.-H. Kim

Predictors of recurrence of cholesteatoma in children
S.-E. Stangerup, D. Drozdziewicz, M. Tos and F. Trabalzini

Cholesteatoma in children. Preservation of the posterior canal wall?
P. Bonding and J. Stage

Long-term results of revision cholesteatoma surgery in children
J.T. Silvola and T. Palva

Cholesteatoma surgery. Our experience
A. Chinski

Long-term results after surgery for pediatric cholesteatoma
M.J. Raivio and M. Bunne

Retraction pockets

Attic retraction as a sequel of otitis media with effusion
N. Shiga, K. Hozawa, M. Adachi and T. Takasaka

Granulomatous epitympanitis in children. Treatment by a minimally invasive surgical procedure
G.N. Georgopoulos and L. Karellas

Surgical treatment and observation of retraction pockets
H. Skarżyński, K. Niemczyk, R. Zawadzki and K. Miszka

Tympanoplasty in children

Long-term results of surgery for sequelae to otitis media in children
D. Drozdziewicz, S.-E. Stangerup, M. Tos and F. Trabalzini

Results 20 years after tympanoplasty in children
S. ørntoft, M. Tos and S.-E. Stangerup

Tubal dysfunction in various conditions

Long-term effect of irradiation on tubal function in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients
Y.-H. Young and P.-W. Cheng

Inefficacy of grommet insertion in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients with otitis media with effusion
W.-C. Hsu and Y.-H. Young

The role of infection in the pathogenesis of myringosclerosis
S. Charabi and M. Tos

Long-term follow-up study of otitis media with effusion in cleft palate patients
M. Ishidoya, K. Hozawa and T. Takasaka

Eustachian tube function in adhesive otitis media
T. Tsuji, N. Yamaguchi, Y. Hamada, Y. Mitani, K. Aoki and H. Moriyama

Endoscopic video-monitor examination of patulous Eustachian tube. Patulous Eustachian tube associated with sequelae of otitis media and atelectatic ears
N. Yamaguchi, T. Tsuji and H. Moriyama

Intractable otitis media in patients with bronchial asthma. Eosinophilic otitis media
S. Tomioka, T. Kobayashi and T. Takasaka

A gold wire for temporary or permanent implantation in patients with Eustachian tube dysfunction
K. Jahnke and B. Lieberum

Tympanosclerosis, tubal dysfunction and chronic otitis media

Long-term surgical results of tympanosclerosis
S. Takahashi and Y. Nakano

The influence of re-aeration of the middle ear on tympanosclerotic lesions in otitis media with effusion
E.W.J. Wielinga and W. Kuijpers

Tympanoplasty, techniques and results

A new application method for fibrin adhesive. Continuously variable digital micropipette system
K Ohsaki, Q. Ye, K. Matsubara, K. Onoda, D.-J. Li and A. Shibata

Otological surgery and skin grafting
B. Gratacap

In vitro human bone tissue organization on Osteoapatite®
A. Gameiro dos Santos, P. Ribeiro da Silva, A. Costa, H. Fernandes, G.S. Carvalho and J.T. Cavalheiro

Exploratory mastoidotomy-tympanoplasty. Operative procedure and prognosis
K.-H. Kim

Late results of tympanoplasty and ossiculoplasty in children
H. Skarżyński, K. Niemczyk, K. Miszka and R. Zawadzki

Reventilation of the middle ear after tympano-meatoplasty. A needless goal?
M.E. Wigand, M. Gjuric

Minor cholesteatoma in the attic. Atticostomy and obliteration with a pedicled muscle flap
P. Bonding

Sequelae on speech and language

Disability for speech-in-noise in children with otitis media with effusion
D.A. Adams, J.A. Birkin, R.J. Flanagan, J.M. Higson and M.R. Haggard

Parent reported otitis media with effusion-related behavior in children of 12-36 months of age. Development of an instrument
A.A. Timmerman, L.J.C. Anteunis, C.M.G. Meesters and The Maastricht Otitis Media with Effusion Study Group

The effects of otitis media with effusion on the development of binaural hearing
S.C.M. Hogan and D.R. Moore

Complications in external and middle ear infection

Necrotizing external otitis. Aminoglycoside and β-lactam antibiotic treatment combined with surgical treatment
J. Rosborg and H.B. Pedersen

Postinflammatory acquired atresia of the external auditory canal. Treatment and results of surgery over 27 years
B.C Becker and M. Tos

Acute mastoiditis. A review of 39 cases
O. Klausen, O. Lind, ø. Jensen and P. Møller

Acute otitis media with facial palsy
B. Ellefsen and P. Bonding

Intracranial complications of otitis media and mastoiditis seen at a regional hospital in Southern Vietnam over a ten-year period
D.H. Son, N.T. Son and N.V. Duc

Epidemiology of otogenic intracranial complications treated at the Otolaryngology Department of the Medical University of Gdańsk in the years 1948-1996
J. Kuczkowski, B. Mikaszewski and A. Starzyńska

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