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Current Opinions in the Kyoto Cornea Club Volume III

edited by: S. Kinoshita & Y. Ohashi

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Publication details: Book. 1999. xi and 127 pages. Publication date: 1999-02-10. 77 figures of which 15 in full color, and 8 tables. Paperbound.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-169-3 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-169-6; Kugler Publications)



This volume, the third in an ongoing series, covers the Third Annual Meeting of the Kyoto Cornea Club, held on December 5th and 6th, 1997. These meetings have gone from strength to strength, to become some of the most important for Japanese specialists in the field of corneal disease. The forum started as a group of enthusiastic clinicians and researchers, interested not only in staying abreast of the latest developments in the field of corneal diseases, but also intent on adding to this body of knowledge. It has now grown to encompass a highly motivated group of specialists, committed to maintaining and strengthening this excellent focus group. By facilitating international debate and dissemination of the latest knowledge in the field, the Kyoto Corneal Club has become an excellent vehicle for the advancement of corneal, knowledge throughout Japan.
During the latest Annual Meeting, we were fortunate enough to have two exceptional lectures from internationally renowned researchers. The first, presented by Professor Jerry Y. Niederkorn from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA, investigated the exacting work occurring at the frontiers of corneal immunology. Developments in this area are causing a great deal of interest, engendering much excitement among eye specialists. This topic was elaborated on by the presentation of Professor Ko Okumura, Juntendo University, Tokyo, Japan, who spoke on the role of cell mediated effector molecules in the immune response. Taken together, these two special lectures provided the audience with an exceptional chance to be brought up to date with current thoughts in this fast moving area.
The six presentations featured in Symposium I focused on changes at the cellular level, and covered ultraviolet radiation and oxidative stress in the corneal epithelium, the role of TGF-b in corneal wound healing, intrafibrillar matrices in the corneal stroma, angiogenic factors in corneal angiogenesis, cornea and macrophage migration inhibitory factor, and cell kinetics after penetrating keratoplasty. Symposium II looked into the classification of epithelial complications resulting from contact lens use, the effect of amniotic membrane transplantation when reconstructing the ocular surface in alkali-burned rabbit corneas, and the immune response in corneal transplantation. It would be hard to find another meeting fostering such intensive discussion on such important and far reaching issues.
It was a great pleasure for me to have been involved in this meeting, from the early planning stages through to the actual event, and now to its ultimate fruition in the form of these Proceedings. All the authors have prepared their manuscripts with the aim of sharing their knowledge and research in a way that is both scientific and highly readable. I hope that, apart from the participants at the meeting, all those who are interested in corneal research will take the opportunity to read these papers. I am sure that everyone reading these Proceedings will come away feeling not only stimulated, but also impressed by the standard of research in the field of corneal disease today.

Shigeru Kinoshita and Yuichi Ohashi

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Club Members
List of Contributors

Invited lectures
Role of cell mediated effecter molecules in immune response
Ko Okumura and Hideo Yagita

New frontiers in corneal immunology
Jerry Y. Niederkorn

Symposium - I

Ultraviolet radiation and oxidative stress in the corneal epithelium
Shigeto Shimmura

Roles of TGF-β in corneal wound healing
Hidetoshi Yamashita

Intrafibrillar matrices in the corneal stroma
Koji Hirano

Angiogenic factors in corneal angiogenesis
Shiro Amano

Cornea and macrophage migration inhibitory factor
Yoshitsugu Tagawa

Cell kinetics after penetrating keratoplasty
Kiyoo Nakayasu, Takuji Kato, Nobuyuki Ebihara, Yasuo Watanabe and Atsushi Kanai

Symposium - 2

The classification of epithelial complications resulting from contact lens use
Kiyoshi Watanabe

Immune response in corneal transplantation
Yoichiro Sano

The effect of amniotic membrane transplantation in reconstructing the ocular surface in alkali-burned rabbit corneas
Chikako Katakami, Isao Adachi and Hideaki Beppu

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