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Medicine: Restorative or Transformative?

edited by: B. Ars

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Publication details: Book. 2023. 262 pages. Publication date: 2023-03-30. Softbound

ISBN: 978-90-6299-296-6 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-296-X; Kugler Publications)

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When we chose the theme of the XXVI Congress of the World Federation to the Catholic Physician (F.I.A.M.C.), held in Rome from 15 to 17 September 2022, Repairing towards Transforming , in medicin, our aim was to stimulate a reflexion ethic adapted to our time, as well as for a programme of human formation of the Christian Physician.

The message of this congress can essentially be summarized by these two points:

  1. to help the human person to remain coherent with his or her humanity, in the variable course of history and in the complex fabric of relationships; and
  2. to articulate reparation and accompaniment of the patient, with transcendence as a horizon. This message is developed in this book, under medical, philosophical and theological aspects by personalities recognized in their respective specialties.
Table of Contents

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Reparative or transformative medicine: A christian perspective!


Medicine: ‘Repair’ according to the humanists versus ‘Transform’ according to the trans-humanists

From attenuation and restoration to augmentation and transformation ‒ the past, present, and future of functional brain surgery

Medical approaches to alleviate gender dysphoria: Scientific evidence and outcomes

Gender theories and transformation of the human person

Transgender surgery in adults

Transformative and restorative approach in reproductive medicine

Promises and pitfalls of medical genetics, from scientific knowledge to medical applications

Transhumanist medicine does not exist


Medicine and transcendence: Relationship as a horizon of reparation

The crisis of reason in Western jurisprudence and its impact on the duty of medicine to protect life

Nature and transgression: Medicine and philosophical anthropology

Repairing and transforming according to the nature and the end of the human being

The role of experience to restore and transform, in the light of Greek: Exploring the room of manoeuvre

From the human body as a sign of the person to the language of the body reread in truth: Light of the theology of the body on the created and redeemed human body

Repair. Redemption. Transfiguration. Contribution to a theology of corporeality


The real story: Recovering the christian foundations of modern medicine


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