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The Nose

edited by: P. Van Cauwenberge & D.Y. Wang & K. Ingels & C. Bachert

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Publication details: Book. 1998. xii and 356 pages. Publication date: 1998-01-30. 74 figures and 38 tables. Hardbound.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-147-1 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-147-5; Kugler Publications)



Rhinology is an exciting field of medicine and includes basic research, clinical practice and surgery. Understanding the importance of normal nasal functions and their relationship to other organs is not only of rhinological interest, but is also widely linked to other specialties. Building a more comprehensive framework for the understanding of the pathogenic mechanisms and pathophysiology of different rhinological diseases is an important task for all those involved in rhinology. During the past decades, many important physiological functions of the nose, including the conditioning and filtration of the inspired air, and the provision of the end organ for the sense of smell have been documented. The nose also fulfills an important defense mechanism, since the nasal mucosa is the first site of interaction between host tissue and foreign invaders (i.e. bacteria, allergens, chemical and other stimuli). All this is in addition to its not insignificant cosmetic importance. In order to discuss many of the scientific and clinical aspects of nasal problems, the Week of the Nose was organized in Ghent, Belgium, in September 1996. For the first time in the history of rhinology, this was a combined congress bringing together the International Rhinological Society (IRS), the European Rhinological Society (ERS), and the International Symposia on Infection and Allergy of the Nose (ISIAN). In addition, the congress was sponsored by various other international and national societies: the Royal Belgian Society for Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, the Belgian Society for Allergology and Clinical Immunology, the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, the American Rhinological Society and the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. A total of 1049 delegates from 53 countries took part; 481 papers and 52 posters were presented, dealing with all aspects of modern rhinology, and most leading rhinologists (clinicians, surgeons and basic scientists) were present. All speakers from the plenary sessions and the chairmen of the Symposia were invited to prepare a 'state-of-the-art' manuscript dealing with several scientific and clinical aspects of rhinology. This book provides you with an overview of the present and future research in rhinology and related sciences.

Paul van Cauwenberge, MD, PhD

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Mucosal immune responses in the nose
G. Mogi and Y. Kurono

Molecular biological studies on nasal T-cell lymphoma
M. Ohyama, K. Ueno, D. Seki and Y. Eizuru

Nasal mast cell heterogeneity
M. Okuda, H. Otsuka, S. Kawabori, M. Ohnishi, K. Sakaguchi, K. Ohkubo, R. Pawankar, H. Seki, K. Yokoshima and C. Ra

Adhesion molecules in rhinosinusitis
K. Ingels, C. Verhoye, N. de Wever, D.-Y. Wang, I. Tilmant, C. Cuvelier and P. van Cauwenberge

Mucociliary transport. Aspects on the clinical investigation of the mucociliary system
S. Lindberg


MRI as an adjunct to CT in patients for functional endoscopic sinus surgery
S.V. Chavda, R.L. Jones, W. Adams and A.L. Pahor

Functional tests
P.A.R. Clement

Considerations on olfactometric tests
D. Passali, L. Bellussi and M. Lauriello

Olfaction and olfactometry
R. Boniver

Nasal physiology in relation to nasal patency
L.F. Grymer

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and snoring. A physiological approach
P.H. van de Heyning, W.A. de Backer, A.N. Boudewyns, J. Verbraecken and E. Hamans


An update on the pathophysiology of allergic rhinitis
C. Bachert, D.-Y. Wang and P. van Cauwenberge

Allergic rhinitis. Has its frequency increased?
N. Mygind and R. Dahl

Non-allergic rhinitis
L. Malm

Pathogenesis of viral induced rhinitis
B. Winther


Basic mechanisms of sinusitis
A. Ebenfelt, C. Lundberg, N. Otori, G. Claeys, Y.-G. Min and P. Stierna

Mechanisms of viral and bacterial infection of nose and sinuscs
P. van Cauwenberge, K.J.A.O. Ingels and D.-Y. Wang

The role of allergy in chronic sinusitis
C. Bachert

Clinical aspects of rhinosinusitis
D. Passali, L. Bellussi and G. Marchi

Rhinosinusitis in children
P.A.R. Clement

Fungal sinusitis
V.J. Lund

Nasal polyps: epidemiology and classification
G.A. Settipane


The nasopharynx
K. Prellner, B. Rynnel-Dagöö, J. Forsgren, L.-E. Stenfors and I. Dhooge

Immunological functions of adenoids
P. Brandtzaeg

Histopathology of the human adenoid
B. Winther and D.J. Innes


Management plans for rhinitis
N. Mygind and R. Dahl

Efficacy of antihistamines and intranasal corticosteroids on the treatment of allergic rhinitis
D.-Y. Wang and P. van Cauwenberge

Antihistamines: more than H1 antagonists?
A.M. Campbell and J. Bousquet

Mast cell stabilizers for the treatment of allergic rhinitis
M. Okuda, K. Ohkubo and I. Miura

Treatment of nasal polyps
M. Tos and K. Larsen

Anti-infectious therapy for sinusitis
P.H. Karma

D.-Y. Wang and P. van Cauwenberge


Frontal and sphenoid sinus
M.E. Wigand

External rhinoplasty
G.J. Nolst Trenité

Nasal malformations. Developmental and surgical aspects
C.D.A. Verwoerd and H.L. Verwoerd-Verhoef


Sino-nasal tumors I. Kill or cure?
V.J. Lund

Sino-nasal tumors II.
V. Jahnke

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