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Corneal Healing Responses to Injuries and Refractive Surgeries

edited by: T. Nishida

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Publication details: Book. 1998. vii and 141 pages. Publication date: 1998-03-31. 66 figures of which 11 in color, and 8 tables. Paperbound.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-157-0 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-157-2; Kugler Publications)

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The Santen International Symposium "Corneal Healing Responses to Injuries and Refractive Surgeries", was held to bring together those working in the field of corneal disorders and refractive surgeries to provide them with a forum in which the latest developments could be presented and discussed. Over the last decade, the crystal clear and transparent corneas have been challenged by various types of surgical insult to correct refractive errors. These Proceedings provide a comprehensive coverage of the material covered in this Symposium, allowing the reader to remain up-to-date on the latest research into refractive surgery and corneal physiology. Recent developments in the field of corneal injuries, healing and optimal management of this common problem are covered. A significant effort has been made to ensure that this book includes the latest scientific information, with the contents being reviewed and edited by experts well known in the field of corneal disorders. When preparing the program, one of the major aims was to select the most important data at the cutting edge of development, and we feel this aim has certainly been realized. Huge developments have occurred in the field of corneal treatment during the last ten years. These developments have been based on a more complete understanding of corneal anatomy and physiology, and the healing process following surgical management. We now know that outcome depends not only on technical skill but also to a large extent on the healing response to the injuries. Therefore, to avoid complications and to ensure an optimal outcome, we need to manipulate the healing process, and developments in cellular and molecular biology have allowed us to do just this. It was therefore very important and timely that the program covered in detail physiology and cellular advances, such as the role of cytokines, growth factors, through to wound healing processes. This allowed the participants to gain a good insight into the latest basic scientific research, upon which optimal clinical management is based. I am sure you will enjoy reading these Proceedings. And for those who attended the Symposium, I am sure that it will bring back many pleasant memories of a meeting noted for its excellent presentations and stimulating discussions. As Chairman of this Symposium, I wish you much pleasure in reading.

Teruo Nishida, MD, DSc.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Corneal epithelial wound healing. Adhesion during migration 
I.K. Gipson and G.V. Jirawuthiworavong

Phenotypic changes of cell activity during corneal wound healing
W. W.-Y. Kao and M. Ishizaki 

Growth factors and cytokines in corneal wound healing 
S. Kinoshita and C. Sotozono 

Regulation of epithelial cell proliferation during corneal repair
J.D. Zieske 

SPARC: a contraction-stimulating factor derived from corneal epithelial cells
H. Mishima, T. Hibino and T. Otori 

Regulating of limbal epithelial stem cells 
S.C.G. Tseng 

Corneal and conjunctival epithelial stem cells play a central role in the response of anterior ocular surface epithelia to injuries
R.M. Lavker, Z.-G. Wei, and T.-T. Sun 

Alterations in extracellular matrix in experimental alkali bum of the cornea 
S. Saika 

Wound healing responses in tear fluid after photorefractive keratectomy 
M.H. Vesaluoma and T.M Tervo 

Corneal responses to the excimer laser 
T. Nishida 

Corneal wound healing responses to refractive surgery 
R.J.-F. Tsai 

Keratocyte apoptosis: Initiation of wound healing following refractive surgical procedures 
S.E. Wilson and M. Helena 

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