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Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

An Update

edited by: D. Passàli & L. Bellussi & R. Ferri

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Publication details: Book. 1998. x and 432 pages. Publication date: 1998-09-22. 107 figures and 58 tables. Hardbound.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-158-7 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-158-0; Kugler Publications)



The Vth International Symposium on Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, held in Siena in October 1996, was a great success, with its 1200 participants from 41 countries. The city made us very welcome and the participants were able to appreciate the beauty of Tuscany and the high scientific level of the meeting. From among the papers, all of high quality, I wanted to bring together in this volume all those I considered to be of the greatest interest on important topics of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology. For some time now, this discipline has assumed its own well-defined identity, even though remaining, at least in Europe, within the scope of general otolaryngology. We all know that young patients suffering from ENT afflictions have unquestionable need for appropriate help, which can only come from a specialist who has studied the delicate problems inherent to this field. I hope that this book will contribute to the acquisition of some of this knowledge. Heartfelt thanks go to the contributors of this volume, who are all internationally renowned scientists, I consider the time they have dedicated to this work to be a demonstration of their interest in the subject matter, and moreover an expression of their affection and regard for me. I would like to wish profitable reading to all.

Desiderio Passàli


Table of Contents

Table of contents

History of pediatric otolaryngology

Round Table: Pediatric otolaryngology - A historical perspective
Moderator: Sylvan Stool

Surgery of the larynx and the trachea in children before 1900
Wolfgang Pirsig

An ancient treatment of the scrofula - The royal touch
Giorgio Sperati

Diagnostic techniques in pediatric otorhinolaryngology

Visual analogue rating and acoustic rhinometry in the evaluation of nasal obstruction in children
Mikikazu Yamagiwa

Dizziness in children, differential diagnosis and management
Lydia Eviatar

Functional disorders of hearing and phonation in pediatric patients
Makoto Hasegawa

Vertigo in children - Diagnostic tools
Renzo Mora, Angelo Salami, Giovanni Caruso, Andrea Barbieri and Andrea Conte

Imaging compared with surgical and clinical findings in pediatric otology
Alberto Rinaldi Ceroni, Antonio Pirodda and Domenico Saggese

Nasal polyposis

Etiopathogenesis and origin
M. Tos and P.L. Larsen

Nasal polyposis in children - Diagnosis
R. Mladina

Otitis media

Treatment and prevention of acute otitis media
George A. Gates

Otitis media: diagnosis, risk factors, and prevention
Jack L. Paradise

Persistency of an effect: otitis media during the first year of life with a nine-year follow-up
R.J. Ruben

Medical treatment of acute otitis media - Microbiology
Karin Prellner

Cost-effective treatment of otitis media
George A. Gates

Therapy for acute otitis media in immunocompromised children
Nicola Principi

Histopathology of chronic otitis media in children
Fred H. Linthicum

Treatment and prevention of acute otitis media - Surgical therapies: indications and results
Margaretha L. Casselbrant

Medical treatment of nasal hyperreactivity

Treatment of nasal hyperreactivity
Lars Mahn, Claus Bachert, Luisa Bellussi, Giorgio Ciprandi, Mariangela Tosca
and Gerald Wolf

Treatment of allergic rhinitis in children - The otorhinolaryngologist's point of view
Luisa Bellussi, Desiderio Passàli and Rosella Ferri

Cells and cytokines in allergic rhinitis, upper respiratory tract infections and polyposis
C. Bachert

Adhesion molecules modulation - A new target for rhinitis treatment
Giorgio Ciprandi, Vittorio Ricca, Mariangela Tosca, Anna Maria Riccio, Gianpaola Pesce, Giovanni Passalacqua and G. Walter Canonica

Clinical experience with capsaicin in the treatment of nasal hyperreactivity
G. Wolf, J. Jebeles, W. Anderhuber and C. Hauser-Kronberger

Nasal reactivity and immunotherapy
A.G. Palma-Carlos, M. L. Palma-Carlos, M. Branco-Ferreira, A. Spínola-Santos, M.C. Santos and A. Lopes-Pregal

Medical treatment of mucociliary dysfunctions

Medical treatment of mucociliary dysfunction
Yasuo Sakakura

Effects of an antihistamine nasal spray on the nasal mucociliary transport time
D. Passàli, L. Bellussi and M. Anselmi

Medical treatment of secretory otitis media

Eustachian tube structure and function - Update 1996
Charles D. Bluestone

Secretory otitis media in the light of new information on the pathogenetic role of a tubal
surfactant - A proposed therapy
D. Passàli, L. Bellussi, I. Innocenti Paganelli, L. Bovalini and S. Rossi

Medical treatment of secretory otitis media
Charles D. Bluestone

On secretory otitis media and its treatment
Jacob Sadé

Is antibiotic treatment necessary for all children with acute otitis media?
Charles D. Bluestone

What is the role of nasopharyngeal disease in secretory otitis media and how should we treat it?
Richard Maw

The role of IgE-mediated allergy in otitis media with effusion
Paul van Cauwenberge and De-Yun Wang

New perspectives in the treatment of tubal dysfunction
D. Passàli and M. Tos

Medical treatment of dysphonias

Round Table: Medical treatment of dysphonias
Moderator: M. Nasser Kotby

Management of inflammation and infection of the larynx
Alberto Chinski

Recurrent laryngeal papillomatosis - Adjuvant treatment with interferon
M. Mocellin, E.D. Macebo, G. Gomes, M. Veiga and C. Macebo

Vocal fold nodules in school-aged children
Nicola Simasko

The prevention of chronic infantile dysphonia - Is there only one way to solve the problem?
A. Staffieri

Language - a central medical issue of the 21st century - Critical periods - critical medicine
R.J. Ruben

Medical treatment of tonsillopathies

Round Table: Medical treatment of tonsillopathies
Moderator: Renato Fior

Treatment indications for pharyngitis in the pediatric age
Antonio Boccazzi

The changing trend of microbiology in tonsillitis
George N. Georgopoulos

Clinical study of IgA nephropathy in children with tonsillitis treated by tonsillectomy
Akikatsu Kataura and Yasushi Kukuminato

Medical treatment of immunodeficiencies

Clinical aspects of immunodeficiency diseases in pediatric otolaryngology
Goro Mogi and Masashi Suzuki

ENT problems in children with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Paola Marchisio

Challenges of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases - Human immunodeficiency virus and Streptococcus pneumoniae
Tania M. Sih

Recent immunomodulating drugs in the treatment of recurrent ear, nose and throat pathology
Cesare Biagini

Surgical treatment of rhinosinusitis

Long-term results of endoscopic sinus surgery in children with cystic fibrosis
P.A.R. Clement and P. Brihaye

Traditional sinus surgery for treating intracranial. complications of sinusitis in children
George H. Zalzal

Surgical treatment of chronic otitis media

Guidelines for the management of cholesteatoma in children
G. Motta, M. Ruosi and L. Moscillo

The surgical treatment of chronic otitis media in children
Jean-Marc Sterkers and Natacha Bruhier

Some notes on overcoming the difficulties in the surgical management of chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma in children
Jun-Ichi Suzuki, Yukiko Iino, Yukako Imamura, Chie Kojima and Sachiko Takegoshi

Cochlear implant in patients with inner ear malformations
Michal Luntz, Thomas J. Balkany, Annelle Hodges and Fred Telischi

Treatment of facial traumas

Short- and long-term therapeutic strategy related to complications in the time following nasal trauma
Mieczyslaw Chmielik, Hubert Wanyura, Lechoslaw P. Chmielik and Iwona Jakubczyk

Laser in pediatric otorhinolaryngology

Round Table: Lasers in pediatric otorhinolaryngology
Moderator: Eugene N. Myers

Laser surgery in laryngotracheal stenoses in children
E. de Campora, M. Radici, G. Cristalli and L. de Campora

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