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Posterior Segment Intraocular Inflammation


edited by: J.V. Forrester & A.A. Okada & D. BenEzra & S. Ohno

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Publication details: Book. 1998. xiii and 202 pages. Publication date: 1998-10-05. 104 full color illustrations. Hardbound.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-167-9 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-167-X; Kugler Publications)



This is the second educational publication of the International Ocular Inflammation Society which deals with one of the most important aspects of ophthalmology - posterior segment intraocular inflammation, PSII, or as it is more commonly termed, posterior uveitis.
These guidelines have evolved following extensive debates and discussions regarding each and every item to be included. In many instances, a consensus between all panel members could not be reached and the decision had to be made following a majority vote. At times, this was not easy and some aspects had to be modulated in order that they could be endorsed by all panel members. Every effort has been made in order to include in these Guidelines suggestions based on the wide expertise of the panel members. Nonetheless, divergence of opinions did exist between the members regarding some of the debated issues. Convergence of these ideas into a widely accepted format was skillfully navigated by the perseverance and patience of Dr Okada who finally always found the proper definition with which all panel members (without exception) could 'live'.
Although all panel members made every effort possible to prepare a most palatable and widely accepted text, completion of this endeavor would not have been possible without the outstanding contributions of Professor Forrester. John not only led the debates and discussion, he also undertook the task of editing the booklet. In order to achieve the same style and format for all parts of these Guidelines, John had not only to review all manuscripts submitted by the panel members but he also single-handedly rewrote a major part of this final manuscript. For his indefatigable and unmatched contributions to the realization of these Guidelines, John rightly deserves the applause and thanks of the panel members and IOIS.
The main aim of this handbook is to help the practicing clinician design a more appropriate approach to the work up and management of patients with PSII. It is our intention to update these Guidelines as needed, and we are expecting a constructive feedback from all IOIS members. We took forward to comments and suggestions and hope that this text will find a prominent place on the bookshelves and desk of practicing ophthalmologists and ophthalmic scientists worldwide.
Last but not least, we are indebted to our friends and colleagues who agreed to be members of the panel and who made every effort possible to help realize the publication of this most needed 'Guidelines'.

Shigeaki Ohno (Chairman of Panel, Yokohama, Japan)
David BenEzra  (Co-Chairman of Panel, Jerusalem, Israel)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Abbreviations used

Section 1
Overview of posterior segment intraocular inflammation

Chapter 1: General description of posterior segment intraocular inflammation (posterior uveitis)

Classification of intraocular inflammation (uveitis)
Common clinical features of posterior segment intraocular inflammation (PSII)
Etiology and pathogenesis
Symptoms of PSII
Further classification of PSII
Three main patterns of the clinical description of PSII
A protocol for the evaluation of PSII

Chapter 2: Investigation of the patient with posterior segment intraocular inflammation

The tailored uveitis screen
Investigation of the nature and severity of the ocular inflammation
Investigation of the patient prior to therapy

Section 2
Types of posterior segment intraocular inflammation

Chapter 1: Infectious PSII

1. Endophthalmitis
2. Bacterial infections

i Tuberculosis
ii Leprosy
iii Lyme disease
iv Syphilis
v Unusual infections

3. Parasitic infections

i Toxoplasmosis
ii Toxocariasis
iii Knchocerciasis
iv Cysticercosis
v Diffuse unilateral subacute neuroretinitis (DUSN)
vi Other parasitic infections

4. Viral infections

i Acute retinal necrosis
ii Cytomegalovirus retinitis
iii Human T cell lymphotropic virus type 1
iv Rare virus infections

5. Fungal infections

i Candida
ii Aspergillus
iii Other fungal infections
iv Ocular histoplasmosis

6. PSII in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

i General overview
ii Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) retinopathy
iii Infectious multifocal choroiditis
iv Progressive outer retinal necrosis (PORN)
v Cytomegalovirus infection in AIDS
vi Toxoplasma retinochoroiditis in AIDS

Chapter 2: Non-infectious PS11, predominantly involving the eye alone

1. Pars planitis
2. Idiopathic vitritis
3. Idiopathic retinal vasculitis
4. Idiopathic multifocal choroiditis
5. Sympathetic ophthalmia
6. White dot syndromes
7. Histoplasmosis-like disease

Chapter 3: Posterior segment intraocular inflammation associated with systemic disease

1. Behcet's disease
2. Sarcoidosis
3. Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease
4. Connective tissue diseases
5. Intraocular lymphoma

Section 3
Management of posterior segment intraocular inflammation

Chapter 1: Medical management of posterior segment intraocular inflammation

Chapter 2: Surgical management of posterior segment intraocular inflammation

Appendix 1: Clinical evaluation of intraocular inflammation

Appendix 2: Treatment algorithm for the medical management of intraocular inflammation


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