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Perimetry Update 1996/1997

edited by: A. Heijl
written by: M. Wall

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Publication details: Book. 1997. xi and 477 pages. Publication date: 1997-09-30. 167 illustrations of which 5 in full color, and 63 tables. Hardbound.

ISBN: 978-90-6299-139-6 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-139-4; Kugler Publications)
This publication is part of the International Perimetric Society series



The Twelfth Annual Symposium of the International Perimetric Society was held in Würzburg, Germany, June 4-8, 1996. There again were interesting and informative scientific sessions. As usual, an exceptionally well-coordinated social program was enjoyed by all. In the scientific sessions, papers and discussions of posters were interleaved within ten sessions: Epidemiology, Neural Networks, Visual Field Progression; Cataract and Diffuse Loss; Clinical Observations I and 11; Blood Flow and Nerve Fiber Layer Analysis; New Methods of Perimetry; Image Analysis and Glaucoma; Perimetric Techniques Reliability; Artifacts and Instruments; and Psychophysics and Electrophysiology. The many excellent presentations attest to the continued fine perimetry research on five continents. Again, at this meeting, two sessions were devoted to ophthalmic imaging; this field continues to advance. One hundred and seven presentations were given, 55 were platform presentations and 52 were given as posters. Nineteen countries were represented. We wish to thank those members of our executive committee, who helped with peer-review of the submitted manuscripts: President John Wild, Vice President Yoshiaki Kitazawa, Treasurer Fritz Dannheim, Past Secretary Richard Mills, Group Chairman Evanne Casson, Bernard Schwartz, Jörg Weber, William Hart, Avinoam Safran, Balwantray Chauhan and Enrico Gandolfo, and Members-at-Large Mario, Zulauf and Elliot Werner. The XII Annual IPS Symposium was hosted by Eugen Gramer of Würzburg with much help from Fritz Dannheim. A special thanks goes to Diane Anderson of the University of Iowa Department of Ophthalmology for proofing and editing the manuscripts. We also thank Joey Haug, of the office of the secretariat, for her efforts in the organization of this monograph.
We are all looking forward to our next meeting, The XIII International Visual Field Symposium in Lago di Garda, Italy, September 6-9, 1998.

The Editors

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


New methods of perimetry 

Contrast Sensitivity perimetry in experimental glaucoma: investigations with degenerate gratings
R.S. Harwerth and E.L. Smith, III

The role of spatial and temporal factors in frequency-doubling perimetry
C.A. Johnson and S. Demirel

Motion detection perimetry: properties and results
M. Wall, C.E. Brito and K. Kutzko

Stimulus orientation can affect motion sensitivity in glaucoma
M.C. Westcott, F.W. Fitzke and R.A. Hitchings

Short-wavelength automated perimetry and motion automated perimetry in glaucoma
PA. Sample, Ch.F. Bosworth, I. Irak and R.N. Weinreb

Blue-on-yellow perimetry in patients with ocular hypertension
H. Maeda, Y. Tanaka and T. Sugiura

Mass screening for visual field defects with snowfield campimetry: results of a field study using local TV broadcasting
A.C. Gisolf, J. Kirsch, H.K. Selbmann, E. Zenner and U. Schiefer

Pupil perimetry with the Octopus 1-2-3
S. Okuyama, C. Matsumoto, A. Iwagaki, T. Otsuki and T. Otori

Age, gender and test location in pupil perimetry
O. Bergamin, A. Schötzau, S. Turtschi, B. Henzi, P. Hendrickson and M. Zulauf

Measurements for description of very early glaucomatous field defects
C.T. Langerhorst, L.L. Carenini, D. Bakker and M.A.C. De Bie-Raakman

A new fundus perimeter by which the target can automatically pursue eye movement
Y. Nishida, K. Kani, T. Murata, K. Okazaki and S. Tamura

The scanning laser ophthalmoscope and its applications in fundus perimetry: our experiences
R. De Natale, G. Paolo and A. Crestani

Perimetric techniques

Evaluation of a new interactive threshold strategy in normal subjects
B. Bengtsson, A. Heijl and J. Olsson

A new strategy for automated perimetry: first clinical results
M.M. Schaumberger, E. Glass, G.-K. Elbel and B.J. Lachenmayr

Two different techniques for obtaining answers in automated perimetry
S. Lutz, T.J. Dietrich, N. Benda, B. Selig, U. Schiefer and I. Daum

Discrete strategies in perimetry
J. Pätzold, N. Benda, U. Schiefer and T.J. Dietrich

Optimizing distribution and number of test locations in perimetry
K. Sugimoto, A. Schötzau, O. Bergamin and M. Zulauf

Fundus oriented perimetry: a new concept for increasing the efficiency of visualfield examination
U. Schiefer, G. Stercken-Sorrenti, T.J. Dietrich, M. Friedrich and N. Benda

Is rapid assessment of the visual field in glaucoma using multiple correlations useful? An evaluation of Delphi perimetry
P.K. Wishart and A.S. Kosmin

Evaluating the Delphi system for rapid assessment of visual function using the Humphrey perimeter
T.D. Quach, B.V. Nguyen, W. Rowe Elliott III, R.M. Redmond and W.E. Sponsel

Accuracy of tendency-oriented perimetry with the Octopus 1-2-3 perimeter
M. González de la Rosa, A. Martinez, M. Sanchez, C. Mesa, L. Cordoviés and M.J. Losada

Clinical evaluation of HFA 11 (model 750) in glaucoma patients
A. Iwase, K. Okada, T. Yamamoto and Y. Kitazawa

STATPAC versus Dicon FieldView statistical analyses: a pilot study
P. Asman 

Cataract and diffuse visual field loss 

Diffuse visual field loss and glaucoma: initial experience from the early manifest glaucoma trial
P. Asman, A. Heijl and the EMGT Study Group

New Glaucoma Change Probability Maps to separate visual field loss caused by glaucoma and by cataract
A. Heijl, B. Bengtsson, P. Asman and M. Patella

Influences of cataracts on glaucomatous visual field changes
C. Matsumoto, T. Ogawa, H. Suzumura, H. Inoue and N. Kimura

Diffuse visual field loss in open-angle glaucoma
B.C. Chauhan, R.P. LeBlanc, A.M. Shaw, A.B. Chan and T.A. McCormick

Optic disc and nerve fiber layer imaging

Validity of measurements with confocal scanning laser Doppler flowmetry
B.C. Chauhan and F.M. Smith

Reproducibility and the effect of operator-dependent variables in imaging with the Nerve Fiber Analyzer II
R.P. Mills, J.E.G. Stewart, Y. Takahashi and M.M. Leen

Correlation of nerve fiber layer thickness as evaluated by the Heidelberg Retina Tomograph and optic disc hemorrhage location
A. Béchtetoille, H. Bresson-Dumont and M. Slim

Nerve fiber layer thickness evaluations in the upper and lower retinal half using the Nerve Fiber Analyzer I: a clinical study
S. Serguhn and E. Gramer

Mean pallor value of the optic disc: a new parameter in automated disc analysis with the optic nerve head analyzer
M. Siebert and E. Gramer 

Mapping structural to functional damage in glaucoma
N. Yamagishi, A. Anton, P.A. Sample, L. Zangwill, L. 1rak, A. Lopez, M. De Souza Lima and R.N. Weinreb

Reliability and artifacts

Necessity of supervision during Humphrey perimetry
R.E. Van Coevorden, R.P. Mills and H.S. Barnebey

False-positive peak of the Bebie curve as a reliability parameter
M. Zulauf, C. Becht and D. Bernoulli

The influence of target blur on perimetric threshold values in automated light- sensitive perimetry and flicker perimetry
C. Matsumoto, S. Okuyama, A. Iwagaki, T. Otsuki, K. Uyama and T. Otori

Effect of dislocated and tilted correction glasses on perimetric outcome: a simulation using ray-tracing
W. Fink, U. Schiefer and E.W. Schmid

Apparent glaucomatous visual field defects caused by dermatochalasis
M.K. Birch, A.S. Kosmin and PK. Wishart

Fitting angioscotomas
N. Benda, T.J. Dietrich and U. Schiefer


Spatial summation for selected ganglion cell mosaics in patients with glaucoma
J. Felius, W.H. Swanson, R.L. Fellman, J.R. Lynn and R.J. Starita

Temporal summation in early glaucoma
P. Hnik, B.C. Chauhan, S.M. Drance and A.B. Chan

Flicker resolution perimetry in glaucoma
R.S. Anderson and C.J. O'Brien

Ageing changes in automated perimetry: a comparison of flicker and luminance sensitivity in normal subjects
A.S. Kosmin, M.W. Austin, C.J. O'Brien, N. Cota and P.K. Wishart

A three-point Vernier alignment test with remarkable properties
J.M. Enoch

The dissociation between actual and perceived defects in the visual field, demonstrated by a 'double' Amsler grid test: the filling-in phenomenon revisited
A.B. Safran, F.C. Duret, M. Issenhuth and T. Landis

Macular contrast sensitivity function correlates with automated threshold perimetry
E. Mutlukan and B. Skarf


Is early damage in glaucoma selective for a particular cell type or pathway?
S. Lynch, C.A. Johnson and S. Demirel

The role of raised intraocular pressure in the development of glaucomatous optic neuropathy
P.K. Wishart and A.S. Kosmin

Influence of carteolol on the visual fields of patients with normal-tension glaucoma
Y. Tanaka, H. Maeda and K. Mizokami

Is calibrated trabeculectomy harmful to visual function?
G. Welsandt and J. Weber

Validation of a risk model for glaucomatous field loss: application to standard automated perimetry and short-wavelength automated perimetry
S. Demirel and C.A. Johnson

Visual field damage in normal-tension glaucoma associated with vasospasm
L. Quaranta, M. Cassamali, N. Hauranieh and E. Gandolfo

Visual field defects and ocular blood flow in glaucomatous eyes
A. Magnasco, L. Novella, E. Calcagno and M. Zingirian

FieldNet: package for the spatial classification of glaucomatous visual field defects
D.B. Henson, S. Spenceley and D. Bull

Applications of fractal analysis to differential light-sensitive perimetry in glaucoma patients and normal subjects
Y. Kono, A. Iwase, M. Maeda, T. Yamamoto and Y. Kitazawa

A profile of the spatial dependence of pointwise sensitivity across the glaucomatous visual field
D.P. Crabb, F.W. Fitzke, A.I. McNaught and R.A. Hitchings

Spatial filtering of glaucomatous visual fields using PROGRESSOR for Windows
A.C. Viswanathan, F.W. Fitzke and R.A. Hitchings

Calculation of a glaucoma progression risk index
E. Gramer

A comparison of three methods for distinguishing between diffuse, localized and mixed visual field defects in glaucoma
P. Brusini

Clinical validity of the Brusini Glaucoma Staging System
I. Koçak, M. Zulauf and P. Hendrickson

Perimetric damage in primary open-angle glaucoma and in pseudoexfoliation glaucoma: classification according to the 'Glaucoma Staging System'
C. Tosoni, P. Brusini, G. Migliorati, G. Beltrame and P. Barea

Comparison of disc size and disc diameter among healthy eyes and eyes with low tension glaucoma, primary open-angle glaucoma, and ocular hypertension
C. Kraemer, E. Gramer and H. Maier


Reconsideration of visual field incongruence
L. Frisén

Macular sparing in patients with hemianopsia: re-evaluated using static and kinetic fundus perimetry
K. Rohrschneider, R. Glück, T. Fendrich, R.O.W Burk, F.E. Kruse and H.E. VöIcker

Analysis of early visual field defects in multiple sclerosis patients: correlation with chromatic sense evaluations and pattern reversal visual-evoked potentials
A. Polizzi, M. Schenone, G. Balestra, C. Ciurlo, G. Gatti, G. Mancardi, F. Bandini and G. Corallo

Persistent visual field defects after craniopharyngioma surgery: a comparison between high-pass resolution and Goldmann perimetry
L.M. Martin and U. Gedda

Bitemporal intermittent hemianopia
M.T. Dorigo, R. De Natale and L. Tomazzoli

Ocular functional loss due to internal hydrocephalus in a glaucoma patient
Cs. Palotás, L. Süveges, Zs. Kopniczky and P. Follmann

Perimetric study of asymptomatic carotid obstructive disease
G. Corallo, E. Gandolfo, P. Capris, G.A. Ottonello, G. Brusa, U. Raiteri, E. Semino, P. Tagliavacche and M. Zingirian

Clinical observations

The significance of the central visual field for reading ability and the value of perimetry for its assessment
S. Trauzettel-Klosinski

Perimetric follow-up in myopic maculopathy
P. Capris, G. Corallo, E. Rossi, G. Gatti, S. Rovida and M. Zingirian

High-pass resolution perimetry in the early detection of macular alterations in patients taking hydroxychloroquine
F. Barosco, P. Brusini, G. Di Giorgio and M. Chizzolini

Visual field alterations in HIV-1 infection
S. Thierfelder E. Gramer and F. Grehn

Analysis of the relationship between retinal disease and the static visual field using a computer- assisted combination system
S. Yamada, K. Higuchi, T. Sawada and A. Sugiyama


Prevent Blindness America visual field screening study: sensitivity and specificity revisited
W.E. Sponsel

Comparing Humphrey visual fields and contrast sensitivity changes during CO2 supplementation and hyperventilation: effects of dorzolamide hydrochloride
Y. Trigo, W.E. Sponsel, W. Rowe Elliott III, J.M. Harrison and J.T. Kavanagh

Application of video display units for campimetric purposes: luminance characteristics and calibration procedures
T.J. Dietrich, M. Friedrich, B. Selig, N. Benda and U. Schiefer

Fixation control following repeated macular threshold measurements
T. Halda and O. Kovács

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