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Cochlear Implants - An Update

edited by: T. Kubo & Y. Takahashi & T. Iwaki

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Publication details: Book. 2002. xvi and 599 pages. Publication date: 2002-04-19. 202 figures, of which 5 in color, 100 tables. Hardbound. 16x24 cm (6.3x9.4 in).

ISBN: 978-90-6299-191-4 (ISBN 10: 90-6299-191-2; Kugler Publications)

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On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Third Congress of Asia Pacific Symposium on Cochlear Implant and Related Sciences (3rd APSCI), I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the attendants at the meeting, as well as to the contributors to these Proceedings. As most of you will have realized, the meeting was a great success both from a scientific as well as a social point of view. Almost four hundred attendants from 25 countries gathered in the Osaka Convention Hall. The program consisted of three parallel workshops spanning one and a half days, and three full days of scientific sessions. The weather was ideal, and our guests were able to see the cherry trees in full blossom and to enjoy their fill of Japanese culture. We have great pleasure in sending you your copy of the Proceedings of the 3rd APSCI, which contains all the updated information and state-of-the-art knowledge on cochlear implants and implantable hearing devices. As is indicated in the title of the meeting, this book covers many areas that are of scientific interest to us. The articles cover subjects ranging from surgical issues with regard to cochlear implantation, to basic studies on the auditory system, developmental studies in children, communication skills, speech, and education, etc. In addition, the reader will observe that some of the articles are related to implantable middle ear devices, a subject which was not covered in the proceedings of the 1st and 2nd APSCI meetings. The editors sincerely hope that this book will contribute to the development of cochlear implants and middle ear devices.

Takeshi Kubo, MD
President, 3rd APSCI

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


I. Basic studies

Chronic monopolar high rate stimulation of the auditory nerve - Physiological and histopathological effects
M. Tykocinski, N. Linahan, R.K. Shepherd and G.M. Clark

Comparison of promontory and round window stimulation electrical auditory brainstem response in cats
L.-S. Kim, Y.-J. Oh, S.-D. Heo, S.-H. Lee and Y.-M. Ahn

Topographical relationship between the facial nerve, chorda tympani nerve and round window with reference to the surgical approach
M. Hamamoto, G. Murakami and T. Himi

Blood flow in ears receiving cochlear implants
T. Nakashima, T. Hattori, M. Sone and E. Sato

Extrusion of a cochlear implant possibly due to silicone allergy - A case report
H. Takahashi, T. Endo, K. Ohta, K. Ichimaru and J. Ito

II. Biocompatibility / Imaging

Specific considerations for determining safety with MRI use in cochlear implant patients
D.D. Backous and E.S. Hochmair

Three-dimensional images of the inner ear for preoperative evaluation of cochlear implants
H. Edamatsu, T. Misu, T. Eguti, J. Kawaishi and K. Watanabe

SPECT image analysis using statistical parametric mapping in postlingually deafened adults with cochlear implants
T. Shintani, T. Himi, K. Watanabe, E. Kanaizumi and J. Nakagawara

Auditory cortex activation during electrical ear canal stimulation in subjects with severe hearing loss - Preliminary results of a functional magnetic resonance imaging evaluation
K. Neumann, P. Raab, C. Preibisch, U. Pilatus, J. Hamm, H. Lanfermann, J. Kiefer and V. Gall

Regional cerebral activation during electrical auditory stimulation using a tympanic electrode
M. Nishida, T. Tono, M. Takenaka, Y. Ushisako, S. Komune and S. Jinnouchi

III. Electrophysiological testing

Auditory neuropathy - The use of electrophysiological tests
W.P.R. Gibson and H. Sanli

Examination of EAP thresholds (NRT thresholds) during Nucleus cochlear implant operations
A. Kawano, A. Shimizu, A. Hagiwara, H. Fujita, A. Tomizawa, E. Wakasa, M. Suzuki, I. Ueda, N. Konno and J. Iwasaki

Electrically evoked compound action potentials in cochlear implant users from the National Taiwan University Hospital
C.-J. Hsu, T.-C. Liu, K.-N. Lin, Y.-S. Chen and M.-J. Horng

The characteristics of neural response telemetry of the normal cochlea and cochlear malformation
A. Naito, Y. Kitano, T. Harada and M. Takahashi

Comparison between promontory and tympanic electrodes in electrical auditory stimulation
M. Takenaka, T. Tono, Y. Wada, K. Kiyomizu, Y. Ushisako and S. Komune

Postoperative measurement of neural response telemetry
T. Hattori, R. Beppu, K. Asami, H. Nakayama, T. Kato, T. Morikawa, H. Ueda and T. Nakashima

Changes in electrically evoked compound action potential thresholds after implantation of the Nucleus CI24M device
A. Katada, H. Horikawa, Y. Kobayashi, S. Nonaka, M. Imada, T. Hayashi and Y. Harabuchi

IV. New approaches for mapping

A strategy for neural response telemetry capable of approaching the subjective threshold
Y.J. Shim, H.N. Kim, M.H. Chung, J.Y. Choi, K.H. Lee and S.H. Shin

Reliability of intraoperative tests in cochlear implant fitting
M. Barbara, A. Mattioni, S. Monini, P. Mancini and R. Filipo

Device programming for a child based on neural response telemetry measurements
E.C.M. Wong, H.K.P. See, T.M.Y. Chan and H.C. Yu

The relationship between EABR and EAP thresholds and behavioral T/C levels in pediatric cochlear implantation
L.-S. Kim, S.-U. Jung, S.-D. Heo and M.-Y. Lee

Comparison of ECAP threshold with T and C levels in children after Nucleus 24 implantation
J.L. Wu, C.Y. Huang, H.H. Lee and C.C. Kao

Optimization of mapping parameters with neural response telemetry
D. Lim, C. Kim and S.O. Chang

Intraoperative measurement of electrically evoked compound action potentials in Nucleus CI24M cochlear implant users - Their relationship to psychophysical performance
T. Morita, Y. Naito, T. Hirai, S. Yamaguchi, S. Hasebe, S. Kanemaru and J. Ito

Within-subject comparison between NRT predicted MAP and behaviorally measured MAP in Nucleus 24 cochlear implant children using the ACE strategy
T.-S. Huang, H.-C. Hsu, T.-M. Chen and C.-Y. Wang

Electrically evoked stapedial reflex in cochlear implantation
Y.-M. Ahn, L.-S. Kim, S.-H. Lee and S.-U. Jung

Considerations for mapping children with limited electrodes
N. Takahashi, M. Takahashi, K. Sugiura, T. Kobayashi and K. Gyo

Investigation of the advantages of program selectability in speech processors
A. Tomizawa, A. Kawano, E. Wakasa, A. Kato, A. Shimizu and M. Suzuki

V. Speech codings

Comparison of speech coding strategies in Cantonese children with cochlear implants
D.M.C. Cheung, T.K.C. Wong, S.L.M. Lam, K.Y.S. Lee and C.A. van Hasselt

Comparison of tone detection in Mandarin-speaking cochlear implant recipients using SPEAK and ACE strategies
T.-C. Liu, M.-J. Horng and C.-J. Hsu

Digisonic ® cochlear implant signal processing for speech intelligibility improvement in noise
J. Wable, S. Gallego, C.-H. Chouard and B. Meyer

The effect of speech rate to speech recognition in cochlear implant users and elderly adults
S. Iwasaki, T. Watanabe and T. Hoshino

Perceptual ability of synthesized speech by cochlear implant patients
Y. Watanabe, T. Iwaki and T. Kubo

VI. General evaluations

Utility analysis of cochlear implantation in congenitally deaf children
F. Bergeron

Quality-of-life study of adult cochlear implantees in a Cantonese-speaking population by a close-set questionnaire - A pilot launch of a quality-of-life Cantonese scale
S.K.W. Chan, S.C.S. Chan, I.C.L. Kwok and H.C. Yu

Hearing aid optimization in the evaluation of cochlear implant candidacy
P. Newall and J. Oliver

The usefulness of intraoperative switch-on with facial nerve monitoring in cochlear implantation
W.K. Low, C.K. Teoh and R.J. Burgess

The usefulness of supportive listening devices for cochlear implant users
A. Okazaki, T. Shintani, E. Ogata and T. Himi

A computer-assisted instruction system for testing and training voice pitch discriminability through cochlear implants
S. Hiki, L. Lu, M. Shiroma and Y. Fukuda

Development of a Japanese version of the Hearing in Noise Test
M. Shiroma, T. Iwaki, T. Kubo and S. Soli

VII. Surgical issues

Use of a standard postauricular incision in cochlear implantation in young children
M.C.F. Tong, V. Yue and C.A. van Hasselt

Surgical issues in exchanging a Nucleus CI22M cochlear implant for a Nucleus CI24M cochlear implant
W.P.R. Gibson

Surgical aspects of cochlear implantation in young and very young children
G. Borkowski, H. Hildmann and T. Stark

Problem cases after cochlear implantation - Update
C.S. Kim, S.H. Oh, S.O. Chang and C.H. Hwang

Preliminary results using a two-staged technique for cochlear implant insertion in a patient with bilateral fenestration cavities
D.D. Backous, L. Comer, R. Bishop and K. Balko

Results of tympanoplasty for chronic otitis media in cochlear implant candidates
T. Tono, H. Kawano, A. Haruta, T. Kimitsuki and S. Komune

Cochlear implantation in chronic suppurative otitis media
V. Yue, M.C.F. Tong and C.A. van Hasselt

Cochlear implantation in chronic otitis media
L. Olgun, S.G. Gültekin, S. Alper, G. Caner and S. Aslanalp

VIII. Implantation for malformed cochlea

Cochlea implants in abnormal cochlea
R.S. Singh and M.S. Shanks

A case report of an implanted child with common cavity malformation
M.-J. Heo, L.-S. Kim, M.-Y. Lee and Y.-M. Ahn

Cochlear implantation in a child with a common cavity - A case report
M..-J. Horng, T.-C. Liu, K.-N. Lin, Y.-S. Chen, P.-F. Hung and C.-J. Hsu

A case of cochlear implantation in a child with a congenital malformation
S. Seno, T. Sakoda, M. Hazama, Y. Saitoh, H. Sogo, Y. Dake, J. Ito and T. Enomoto

Two cases of transmastoid labyrinthotomy for common cavity malformation using neural response telemetry
K. Ishida, M. Takahashi, A. Naito, T. Harada, Y. Kitano and M. Sakai

Four cases of cochlear implantation in large vestibular aqueduct syndrome
J. Takano, Y. Kanda, H. Kumagami, T. Tashiro, I. Miyamoto, K. Shigeno and T. Kobayashi

Cochlear implantation following bilateral temporal bone fracture
T. Kobayashi, F. Watanabe, H. Sato and K. Gyo

Case report of cochlear implantation in a totally plugged cochlea
T. Oowa, M. Ura, D. Nong, N. Fusato and Y. Noda

IX. Evaluations for perimodiolar electrode

Contour electrodes- Surgical approach and results
A. Aschendorff, T. Klenzner, B. Richter and R. Laszig

The insertion of a curve electrode array into normal and ossified cochlea
M.C.F. Tong and C.A. van Hasselt

The Clarion electrode positioner - Radiological, electrophysiological and neurotological evaluations
K. Kumakawa, H. Takeda, M. Suzuki, A. Kawano, S. Komune, M. Takenaka, K. Oyama, S. Komiyama, T. Nakagawa, S. Ura and K. Ogawa

Preliminary results with the Nucleus Contour cochlear implant system - A radiological and neurophysiological correlation study
A. Ramos, L.G. Ibáñez, M. Manrique, C. Morera, E. Juan, J. del Dot, E. von Wallenger, A. Wiehoff and L. Cabrera

Examination of the implant electrical auditory brainstem response threshold with and without the positioner for the Clarion 16 cochlear implant
A. Shimizu, A. Kawano, A. Hagiwara, A. Tomizawa, E. Wakasa, M. Suzuki, H. Ochiai, J. Iwasaki and F. Enoki

Comparison of proximity to the modiolus of various electrodes
H. Takeda and K. Kumakawa

X. Speech reception and language development in children

Rationale for early cochlear implantation in congenitally deaf children
R.T. Miyamoto, K. Iler-Kirk and M. Svirsky

Cochlear implantation in very young deaf children - Monitoring progress
T.P. Nikolopoulos

Cochlear implantation in severe to profound hearing loss in children
A. Ramos, L. Goenaga, A. Osorio, J.M. Cuyás and C. Castillo

Speech recognition ability and satisfaction with cochlear implants in young children using IT-MAIS
S.H. Lee, M.J. Huh, T.H. Cho and O.R. Jeong

Factors affecting connected speech comprehension in Cantonese-speaking children after cochlear implant
R.K. Wong, P. Kung, A. Tsang, E. Chung, Y. Hui, B. Wong, D. Au and W.I. Wei

Speech perception of Mandarin Chinese speaking young children after multichannel cochlear implantation
J.L. Wu and H.M. Yang

The development of speech perception in children with cochlear implants at Kanazawa University
M. Notoya, M. Ito and M. Furukawa

Cochlear implantation in post-meningitic children
C.-S. Kim, C.H. Hwang, H.J. Lee, S.-H. Oh and S.O. Chang

The development of auditory performance in children with cochlear implants
M.-Y. Lee, L.-S. Kim, M.-J. Heo and Y.-M. Ahn

Language development in congenitally deaf, implanted children - Hearing aids versus cochlear implants
H.N. Kim, Y.J. Shim, M.H. Chung, H.K. Lee and J.P.Hong

Acquisition of articulation in congenitally deaf children with cochlear implants
M. Ura, N. Fusato, D. Nong, T. Oowa and Y. Noda

Predictor variables of speech intelligibility in prelingually deafened children with cochlear implants
M.S. Yoon, H.S. Sim, Y.K. Lee, H.Y. Park and C.S. Kim

Language skills of prelingually deaf children with cochlear implants
E.-K. Cho, H.-Y. Park, C.-H. Hwang, S.O. Chang and C.-S. Kim

Comparison of grammar comprehension of deaf children after cochlear implantation with that of normally hearing children
T.P. Nikolopoulos, D. Dyar, S. Archbold and G.M. O'Donoghue

An experimental study on the speech reading ability of children with cochlear implants
S.-H. Lee, O.-R. Jeoung, S.-H. Lee and T.-H. Cho

Pediatric cochlear implantation in Nagasaki
Y. Kanda, K. Shigeno, H. Kumagami, H. Tanaka, J. Takano, I. Miyamoto and T. Kobayashi

Results of cochlear implants in post-lingual children
M. Hazama, T. Sakoda, S. Seno, Y. Saitoh, Y. Dake and T. Enomoto

The significance of a cochlear implant on the development of 'auditory emotional cognition' in a child with profound hearing loss
N. Nonaka, T. Murao, S.-I. Sakai, S. Nakazima, A. Baba, N. Nishioka, S. Yamaguchi, Y. Naito and J. Ito

Application of electroglottography in tone production training
S.C.S. Chan, S.K.W. Chan, I.C.L. Kwok and H.C. Yu

XI. Rehabilitation issues in children

A new method of consonant classification and a new strategy of speech correction for congenitally deaf implantees
Y.-J. Shim, H.-N. Kim, M.-H. Chung and S.-G. Kim

An individual educational program trial for infant cochlear implant users
E. Wakasa, A. Tomizawa, A. Shimizu, A. Kawano and M. Suzuki

Mapping and rehabilitation of a prelingually deaf and blind child after cochlear implantation - A catastrophe or a clinical challenge?
I.C.L. Kwok, H.K.P. See, E.C.M. Wong, T.M.Y. Chan and H.C. Yu

Influence of educational setting and communication mode on speech production in children with multichannel cochlear implants
T. Hirai, N. Nishioka, M. Kawano, S. Yamaguchi, S. Moroto, N. Nonaka, C. Omori, T. Morita, Y. Naito1, H. Kojima and J. Ito

Using parent and teacher reports to assess the vocabulary knowledge of Cantonese-speaking hearing-impaired children
K.Y. Lee, S. Chiu, C.A. van Hasselt and D.M. Cheung

Evaluation of the effectiveness of an educational program for children with cochlear implants
T. Uchiyama and H. Tokumitsu

XII. Outcomes in adults

Residual hearing and Clarion cochlear implantation
M. Barbara, A. Mattioni, S. Monini, D. Ballantyne, B. Pichi, P. Cappelli and R. Filipo

Correlation of speech and music perception in Combi 40/40+ users
S.J. Brockmeier, P. Nopp, M. Vischer, W. Baumgartner, T. Stark, F. Schön, J. Müller, T. Braunschweig, R. Busch, M. Getto, W. Arnold and D.J. Allum

Effective discrimination of competing stimulus features in cochlear implantees
S.O. Chang, D. Lim and C. Kim

The results of cochlear implantation in the elderly
H. Chiba, A. Hagiwara, A. Shimizu, A. Tomizawa, E. Wakasa, A. Kawano and M. Suzuki

Speech discrimination in post-lingually deaf adult patients using SPECTRA 22
Y. Ushisako, M. Takenaka, T. Tono and S. Komune

Surgical results and effectiveness of cochlear implantation
I. Nui, T. Shintani, A. Okazaki, E. Ogata, K. Watanabe and T. Himi

The effect of auditory feedback on the production of vowels after cochlear implantation
B.S. Schenk, J.S. Hamzavi, S. Moosmueller, W.-D. Baumgartner and W.A. Deutsch

The effect of auditory feedback on the production of fricatives and sentence duration after cochlear implantation
J.S. Hamzavi, B.S. Schenk, S. Moosmueller, W.-D. Baumgartner and W.A. Deutsch

Errors in consonant recognition in post-lingually deafened patients with cochlear implants
H.-Y. Park, E.-K. Cho, C.-H. Hwang, S.O. Chang and C.-S. Kim

Tone production performance in tonal-language-speaking cochlear implantees
P. Kung, R. Wong, A. Tsang, E. Chung, D. Au, B. Wong, Y. Hui and W. Wei

Speech performance of cochlear implant patients with GJB2-related deafness
K. Fukushima, K. Sugata, N. Kasai, S. Fukuda, R. Nagayasu, N. Toida, N. Kimura, T. Takishita, M. Gunduz and K. Nishizaki

Cochlear implantation in a patient with type 1 Usher's syndrome - A case report
I. Miyamoto, Y. Kanda, M. Shiromaru, T. Kondo, K. Shigeno, H. Kumagami, J. Takano and T. Kobayashi

Cochlear implantation in a patient with mitochondrial encephalopathy, lactic acidiosis, and stroke-like episodes (MELAS) syndrome - A case report
S. Yasumura, S. Aso, M. Fujisaka and Y. Watanabe

XIII. Binaural or bimodal hearing

Distance, localization and speech perception pilot studies with bilateral cochlear implants
R.S. Tyler, J.P. Preece, B.S. Wilson, J.T. Rubinstein, A.J. Parkinson, A.A. Wolaver and B.J. Gantz

Multicenter study on bilateral cochlear implantation
T. Stark, J. Müller, M. Vischer, F. Schön, P. Senn, A. Engel, M. Kompis, H. Hildmann and J. Helms

Binaural cochlear implantation in the deaf-blind
R. Filipo, P. Mancini, E. Bosco, D. Ballantyne, M. Barbara, E. de Seta, B. Pichi and A. Celebrini

Hearing performance of a bilateral cochlear implant user
K. Ohyama and K. Sasaki

Concurrent use of cochlear implants and hearing aids
C.A. Syms III and J. Wickesberg

Speech recognition between bilaterally and unilaterally cochlear implanted and hearing-aid fitted users
D.K. Au, Y. Hui, W. Wei and B.Y. Wong

XIV. Auditory brainstem implant / Implantation after acoustic tumor removal

Neurofibromatosis II and the 24-channel auditory brainstem implant - Experience in Hong Kong
M.C.F. Tong, J.M.K. Lam, T.K.C. Wong, M. Chan, W.S. Poon and C.A. van Hasselt

A Nucleus CI8+1 channel auditory brainstem implant in a staged operation
K. Kumakawa, F. Kumagai, H. Takeda, Y. Seki, A. Komatuzaki, and W.E. Hitselberger

Cochlear implantation in a patient with an acoustic tumor - Case report
S. Masuda, M. Endo, K. Hirakawa and K. Yajin

Auditory nerve integrity after translabyrinthine acoustic tumor removal
K. Kiyomizu, K. Torihara, A. Haruta, H. Kawano, K. Matsuda, T. Tono and S. Komune

XV. New devices / Implantable hearing aids

Fundamental aspects and first results of the clinical application of combined electric and acoustic stimulation of the auditory system
J. Kiefer, J. Tillein, C. von Ilberg, T. Pfennigdorff, E. Stürzebecher, R. Klinke and W. Gstöttner

Evaluation of a differential floating mass type transducer for a middle ear implant system
B.-S. Song, M.-N. Kim, S.-K. Park, S.-H. Lee and J.-H. Cho

Comparison of measurements to determine transducer performance of an active middle ear implant
M. Winter, G. Ball, D. Gnadeberg, B.P. Weber, R.-D. Battmer and T. Lenarz 

Four years' experience with the Symphonix Vibrant ® soundbridge - Clinical results
M. Winter, D. Gnadeberg, K. Ambjørnsen, K.F. Mack, B.P. Weber and T. Lenarz

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